Noland not sharp today

throwing BP basically back to back HR’s and lot of pitches up in th ezone…they won’t need many if any more with us against Thompson

The old saying you hang em and we will bang em!

no doubt and that has been his problem has giving up some bombs.

very good inning there though so maybe he has found his groove…now we just got to get Thompson to hit our bats a few times and we can pull this out.

oh well guess not 3 HRS…not good.

2 run deficit in a 7 inning game against a pitcher of Thompson’s caliber is tough to overcome.

It don’t matter when you give up 3 bombs and then have runner first and third with 1 out and ground into a double play! No patience at the plate by Fletcher. Where’s the darn bunt when you need it!

Freshman made 3 real mistakes on the road but I like the kids grit. May make him better in the long run. He responded very well after Vandy. We played like a fatigued team on the road today, I think we’ll bounce back nicely. Being a 7 inning game hurt us. 2 game lead at home against LSU. Love our chances!!

Exactly… we ran out of innings. Never bad to win a series on the road