Noland looked very good

all 3 pitches working, didn’t throw his new change up much he said, not enough lefties in their lineup. loved his pace. he gets it and throws it. i expect you’re going to see lots of batters call time at the plate to try and disrupt his rhythm. he looked confident. hope this continues. very good game by conner.

Connor keep the game moving!

Umps in college don’t like the batters calling time at the plate. They will get a called strike standing outside the box. Remember, there is a clock on the pitchers and batters.

I do recall what happened when someone called time on Bob Gibson. Next pitch was in their rib cage, or sometimes a bit higher. That stopped that trick.

I miss the days when guys like Sal Magli? known as the barber would put guys on their backs when they raised the front foot and squared off to slug the ball. I know they had to change the rules but I do miss the 1950’s baseball.

There are very few pitchers that work quickly that are not good pitchers. Get the ball and throw it. If you don’t want to throw the ball, get off the mound and let somebody else pitch.

Greg Maddux, Tom Glavine and Bob Gibson…now those guys were pitchers. Got the ball and threw it back after they got a sign.

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