Noland and the 2020 MLB draft

Another board is reporting that Connor will be eligible for the 2020 draft. I hadn’t heard anything about that before. Is that true? If so, is he likely to do that, or would it probably require a 1st round pick for him to leave after his sophomore year? He’d still have leverage after his Jr. year and would probably move up in the draft.

It’s a close cutoff, but I do not think he will be eligible next season unless the draft date is pushed back.

If the draft stays on the same schedule as years past, it will take place June 1-3. Noland’s birthday is July 20, which would be 47 days after the conclusion of the draft. You have to turn 21 within 45 days of the draft to be eligible.

That said, I’m not sure whether Noland would want to go pro after next season. He seems to me to be the type that wants to enjoy the college experience as long as he possibly can, and he would still have draft leverage into 2021. Not only that, but Arkansas has a track record now of starting pitchers (Stephan, Knight and Campbell) turning down the draft and maximizing their draft stock the following year.

I think Connor will make noticeable improvement from his freshman to sophomore season. I think he could take a huge jump as a junior pitcher.