Nolan Wosman and other signees?

Who else besides Wosman won’t be here in the fall?

Why is Wosman not coming?

He was apparently told there was not a spot for him, I would guess. He tweeted today that he will be attending Missouri “due to a recent turn of events.”

Not enough room at the Inn . . . since NONE of our incoming recruits signed with MLB (which NEVER happens), we are over-signed and over-committed on pieces of those 11.7 scholarships. Reductions have to be made. Unfortunate situation, but out of DVH’s hands and happens at ALL high level D1 programs on a regular basis.

Still, tough on some kids who have been long-time commitments. But it’s just part of the game.

Makes sense…hate it for the kids but better to be honest with them now.

It’s unfortunate, but there are always going to be some of these instances in sports that do not give full scholarships, especially baseball because of the draft.

Wosman won’t be the only player who signed who will wind up going elsewhere. The roster is going to be trimmed one way or the other, either by high school players not coming to campus or by players on the 2019 team transferring to another program. I think you’ll see multiple instances of both.

Roster management is a vastly under-appreciated aspect of being a head coach in this day and age. People understand that recruiting is the life-blood of a team, but in baseball, once you’ve signed a team, then you have to navigate the MLB Draft minefield to see who actually is left. And then, there is roster-management to the 11.7 and overall squad limits.

DVH is one of the best in the business at this process, and we are reaping the benefits of his expertise over the last several years. Kudos to him.

I do remember a summer about 10 years ago when they had to tell around six signees to find another school. Too many players came back. There were a handful that ended up having nice careers. Sometimes the crystal ball is not too clear.