Nolan’s Logic

The name of the game is recruiting!.. For all of you guys who are so quick to name and claim great coaches and systems…you give me great players I guarentee I look like a good coach

He also said guys leaving the team has hurt the team.

I sure would like to know why they left. I mean really why not just speculation.

Guys wasn’t that desperate for the money like they are these days even great players like Shaq stayed in school three years and we have guys like Micheal Qualls leaving early for the NBA smh just sad

Nice play Kirby.

Trap destroy’s Kirby.

If Coach Anderson wishes to survive after next season, this spring recruiting period will either make or break him. Coach Anderson needs to get ALL THREE RIGHT. That means no gambles or projects.

If he gets the top three guys that seem to have became the front runners I don’t think anyone will be to disappointed.

I think you all are right. We have to have a strong signing this spring or next season will be a rough one for the fans and Coach. He has done pretty well with the JUCO’s, for some reason. There is hope, but the flame is flickering.

i agree

We’ll be fine next year, we’ll have our annual 10 plus losses and a decent shot at going to the tournament…

Based off MA’s past history, when his back is against the wall and his seat is hot he responds with a good season.
He knows what needs to be done.

Did you go to church this morning and say a special prayer for Mike to get fired?

CMA won’t get fired Swine all the negative fire Mike stuff will be out on hold again and they will crawl under a rock.

Mike’s not stupid, it’s you I prayed for. Facts are facts… MA has double digit losses in seven of his eight seasons and nine losses in the lone single digit loss season. It’s a prediction predicated on reality, something you seem to struggle with.

Let’s make one thing perfectly clear. I don’t need or want your prayers, and I have no use for anyone with the arrogance to think I do. I also have no use for any “fan” who wants the coach to fail. Nor do I want your version of reality, which is based on alternative facts.

Here are the coaching records for some coaches at P5 schools that are not elite basketball schools

Mike White - double digit losses in 3 out of 4 seasons and a 9 loss season
Rick Barnes - 15 out of 23 double digit loss seasons with 3 9-loss seasons and 3 8-loss seasons
Bruce Pearl - 6 out 10 double digit loss seasons with 1 9-loss season and 2 8-loss seasons

You had an earlier interest in my prayers, but I have to admit they don’t seem to be working for your mental prowess. I’ve never rooted for MA to fail, just pointing out the facts surrounding his coaching tenure pertaining to his losses. That’s my version of reality because it’s the truth. You, on the other hand, are dealing with an alternative universe of facts if you think they are wrong.