Nolan Richardson Court!!!

HY just tweeted. Will be named next year and they are inviting all former staff and players. Bout damn time

You beat me to it. Just saw the tweet.

Whichever admin/mod added the tweet. Thank you

Finally. About 10 years late, but at least they didn’t wait until he died. Hope the place is packed for that event.

W P S. :boar::boar::boar:

Nolan’s signature with “Nolan Richardson Court” right underneath would look great, I think.

Apparently the trustees will consider it at the March 27 meeting in Hot Springs. Should be a foregone conclusion. If it’s not a foregone conclusion, we need some new trustees, which I’m starting to wonder about anyway.

Now I’m just waiting for his statue.

McDonnell and Broyles have theirs, now Richardson needs his.

Maybe we should also consider removing state flag’s star homage to the confederacy. I saw Gov. Asa was for its removal. Good for him. Legislature knuckle draggers need to follow suit. You know other teams are likely using this against us in recruiting.

But one step at a time I guess. Congrats to Nolan. Love the guy.

I doubt it plays one iota in recruiting, the schools in MS and Alabama don’t have trouble getting recruits.

I was glad to see Asa came out in favor of designating that star for Native Americans, not the Confederacy. Plenty of knuckle draggers around though, and not just in Arkansas. South Carolina acts like the Civil War never ended.

To me, this signifies that the decision on Mike has been made. Could be a PR nightmare if they fired him and Nolan then said thanks but no thanks.

Please don’t try to get political here. Take that discussion somewhere else.

Yes, it is about time. One of the best basketball coaches of all time and not just at our University. The man could flat out motivate and coach.

Very happy to see this happen. I don’t believe in sports curses, but if i did, I would say we may get back to a sweet 16 in the near future.

Long overdue! Glad they are finally naming the court after Nolan!!

Great news–A well deserved albeit long overdue honor for Nolan. And also I believe an important step forward for our program by more formally embracing our past.

Speaking of embracing our past, now just bring back Slobber Hog too, and the curse will finally be lifted!


So glad to hear this! My all time favorite coach.

While I like the idea of removing the reference, I doubt before the bill was introduced anyone not from Arkansas (any few from) knew the meaning of that star. Don’t think it was used in recruiting.

Nominated for Post of the Day.

Would have been the appropriate response for a certain moderator, true to form he jumps on the pile :sunglasses: