Nolan on Sampson - SIAP

I’m not good at posting tweets, but here’s a tweet from Mike Irwin saying…

“Just finished an interview with Nolan. He talked at length about Kelvin Sampson. Called him the best kept secret in college basketball. Said he recruits “tough guys.” Guys that battle for the basketball. Guys that win because they outwork the other team.“

I’ve been kind of Luke warm on Sampson so far due mainly with his age and baggage, but this tweet bumps Sampson up a couple of notches on my enthusiasm scale.

I just don’t see Sampson leaving, no way he is leaving UH and billionaire sponsor Rockets’s owner Fartitta. His salary was boosts at the end of last basketball season to 3.2 million, perhaps he’s flirting with UA AD to get a nice increase. In addition it has been said Sampson is planning on coaching no more than 8yrs longer , and his son will then take over the program when he retires

Wow…I’ve been kinda lukewarm too. I respect Nolan’s opinions very much.

I’m warming up quickly…

And from KS guarded response to questions about the job I’m thinking it may be him. IMO