Nobody mentioned this yesterday

Not only is Barrett Banister of Misery a Fayetteville High kid, but he’s Harold Horton’s grandson. Son of Harold’s daughter Holly. Another in-state kid/legacy bites us in the butt. Nobody else in FBS thought he was worth a scholie out of FHS either but Misery gave him PWO and he earned a scholarship from there.

Typical Karma!

Slow your roll…He only has about 250 yards receiving for the entire season and 1 TD…we make everyone look like an All American…

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Taylor Powell had even less than that and he beat us, not the guy who started.

Banister had 17 of his 29 catches in November according to ESPN Stats so he came on late in the season, not just against us.

He ain’t all that…we didn’t miss out on a super star…next

Yep, I grew up with his sister. Very good family and I couldn’t be happier for them. Wish he played for us.

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I have to think with his Razorback legacy background,
if Arkansas had shown any interest he would have accepted a preferred walk on. But we know that Long and his coach seemed to have had a particular thing about the Horton family.

Harold is at least 80 now. Father Time had as much to do with that as anything. Bielema let Tim go, not Long.

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Seems like we were only going to go with one “Arkansas” assistant. That went to Lunney, not Tim Horton. I think we got the better coach and recruiter (and I am pleased with how BLJ handled the interim role) but it obviously created some hard feelings.

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He was catching the ball yesterday. Our guys on scholarship were dropping it.


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You’d take him, which is why we are in this mess in the first place…to many idiots making bad decisions in recruiting. His coach got fired for just the same…end of story.

I’m curious did your mother teach you that or did you develop this knack for yourself? I’m not saying give the guy a scholarship I’m saying give him a chance

What, that little Timmy is the inferior coach?

He is the post-Nutt version of James Shibest. Everyone always thought he was the very best coach. Meh.

Another one of the “old guard” families. Thankful for what they did for UA football, and appreciative of what they gave UA after they played. Sometimes, though, it is time for someone else to get a turn.

Seeing both sides of this: I’d prefer to not have Grandad meddling (one version of this) so that the grandson has a fair shot (which I support) but prefer more than anything to have a deep enough stable of WRs that the walkons only have their name called on senior day and during blowout wins. No offense to the young man, of course.

It is all clear now. Best to your family.

I saw young Bannister play in high school and hoped that at the least, we would offer him a PWO. What would that have cost us? WR’s who can catch the ball are a good thing. I know Taylor Powell is not John Elway, but he is and has always been better than the guy we signed that year. He probably would have started for us in the Barry Bowl.

Bielema was following Long’s plan.

Why one? Why not two or three? We could have done better.