Nobody can blow a lead faster than we can

It is downright embarrassing how bad we are on defense. We can’t stay in front of anybody unbelievable

Or get it back!

We’re a decent help defensive team but not very good individually. Not a quick team and quick guards give us fits.

One, Auburn is a really a good offensive team, top 15 nationally. They haven’t been shut down very often. They are averaging around 1.15 points per possession and shooting 52% in SEC play. We held them below their average scoring rate tonight and, thanks largely to Gafford, under 40% from the field. We kept them below their rebounding percentage on misses, where they are strong. The only thing that kept them in the game was 90% from the line on 34 FTAs. As soon as we fouled four times on the first four possessions, I was just hoping we could survive the half. They are great at the line. We did a better job of keeping them off the line during the decisive part of the second half.

You knew Auburn was going to get to the line a lot tonight. That was predictable just from looking at the box score from Gainesville Saturday. Florida won but Auburn shot a lot of FTs on the road. One more piece of evidence that to beat a ranked team in the SEC you have to be significantly better that night because the refs favor the ranked team virtually every time.


The key was to run Auburn off the 3-point line. The Hogs did that. That gives up penetration. Gafford did defend the rim well.

Auburn has some weaknesses. Just no inside depth. There was no answer for Gafford.

You are going to give up some runs to Auburn. They have GREAT offensive ability and shooters everywhere.

Key is we never lost that lead period.

lol to you PIG smartest thing you said in months!!