Noah Banks received

an offer from Arkansas on Friday. More later after he leaves from his visit.

This is interesting more so then just the offer?

Do we have the numbers to sign him ? Or does this mean more then likely someone is leaving we might have an additional ship to offer?

Also what does this do to the two in state OLs they are in talks with ? The kids from Lake Hamilton and Star City?

Question for RD/Dudley.

There are several O-lineman on the roster who at the end of 17-18 academic year will be here 3.5 years are more and playing very little.

Will Arkansas have any grad transfers leaving from the O-line?

They’re probably going to have 15-17 in the class so yes there’s room for him.

They still like Jax and Will and will continue to evaluate them. Anything is possible.

They still hope to hit a home run with Penei Sewell or Jerome Carvin.

It’s possible but no one comes to mind right now.

If Banks is quick on his feet it makes sense. Will he have 2 or 3 years to play?

Two for two.