No worse than 5th

And of course we expect/hope to finish a lot higher.

But the two teams who go 2-and-Q in Omaha finish the season tied for 7th in the country. So if you win your first one, worst you can do is T-5th at 1-2. With the possible exception of Florida (which won’t IMO), if you told every coach in the country in February he’d finish the CWS T-5, he would have taken it gladly.

Win tomorrow, and the worst you can do is T-3rd. Which is our best performance since the '79 title game loss.

Believe we finished T-3rd in 2012 as we won our first 2 games there before losing back-to-back games to USC-E

Arkansas finished tied for 3d was in both 2009 and 2012.

And tied for 3rd in 85 after losing a 10 Inning heartbreaker to the Horns.

Correct that we have finished T-3 several times. What I was trying to say is that we’ve only bettered T-3 once.