No words

I hope everyone of those players land a spot in jail. I’ve seen some refs I’d like to see lose their jobs, but they should never be attacked. Never.

This fighting is atrocious. Period. Harsh penalties should fall on the players
involved, the coaches that let it happen, and the refs to the extent they
let it get so out of control.

They really sick part besides the fighting is the cowardly punk mentality
you can see throughout the fight. I saw several players on the outskirts
of the fight slip in and throw a punch then slip back out. What a cowardly
punk ass move. Like they were thinking I can get in get my knock and
get back out and be safe then laugh about it with my buds. Sneaking
up behind someone involved in a fight and throwing a sucker punch then
fleeing back… all I can say is punk ass. No place for that in society, let
alone organized sports.

Its going to take a Dexter Manly or SMU like punishment one of these
days to get their attention. We are too soft on things like this in my opine
so that there is no real incentive for this to get fixed. Drop the hammer,
get some national exposure for dropping the hammer and maybe that can
make someone think twice before doing something similiar in the future.

I’ve seen this posted a few times, and as a former basketball referee, this is atrocious.

I’ve heard two sides of the story from either the ref throwing the first punch to the player throwing the first punch. Now, the one consistent I’ve read was that that ref was making antagonistic comments towards a player. You are taught NEVER to antagonize a player intentionally. When you address a player, you give short answers or commands, such as, “just keep playing” “you shifted your feet” “watch the hand checking.” You leave explanations or long talks for the coaches, not the players.

For the players, I don’t know how highly touted any of the boys are, but if they have any aspirations of turning their talent into a college scholarship just went out the window.

The teams and the refs should be punished for this, but most likely neither will happen.

Much of our society is not into holding people accountable for their actions.
The PC mindset can always find an excuse/cause.

Based on this account, it appears the team was looking for a fight: … 19229.html

unless the law has changed since my retirement;in Arkansas it is a felony(2nd degree battery)for hitting an referee;school official;or governmental agent in the performance of their also applies to those under the age of 14 and those 60 or gets reduced a lot of the time to 3rd degree which is a misdemeanor but there are laws on the books to prevent this type of crap from occurring.this team(or teams)should be banned from participating in any tournament(s)on the for seeable future.

I always like to challenge generalized statements like that. Other than politians (depending on if their party has the control), I believe everyone eventually is held accountable and pays a price. These boys and the ref won’t get away with this.

This is BS on so many levels I can’t even begin to cover them. PC is basically about common decency. If a group doesn’t want to be referred to as X, don’t call them X. It’s that simple. We don’t want people calling Arkansans toothless inbreds. Is is that difficult to understand that someone else might not want to be discussed in unflattering terms?

And no, there is no justification, PC or otherwise, for this. None.

Comical is all I get from such H$.
Common sense was the first casualty from the PC world.

The dirty side of AAU and Chicago. Lets move along. Not much to see here. I could tell you about playing in a City League game in Houston one time when a player went to the bench and got a pistol…

How about a coach going and getting a pistol and bringing it into the arena after he has an argument with an assistant? I believe that happened right across the river in Memphis and was our ex-assistant Notes Richardson. There are incidents all over and one or two or twelve should not lessen the incident in Chicago. The whole “not much to see here” is part of the problem. Just because other things have happened is no reason to just turn a blind eye to something. Once we begin silently accepting something of this nature, then we have no hope of ever fixing a problem. You can’t fix what you can’t acknowledge or care about.

when that happened, sad that he never was well received or anything close to successful at TSU which is truly a football school.

AAU shenanigans on multiple levels:

seems like something happening every day.