No wonder there is no buzz about this

season: … -miserable

Obviously that’s a subjective list. But Arkansas fans have been through a lot from Houston to the Springdale 5 to Bobby to John L. and the mediocrity of the last few years.

I don’t agree with that at all. Ole Miss should not be ahead of us. Especially with the black cloud hanging over them from the Hugh Freeze era.

Take these polls with a grain of salt and consider the source. Somewhat like the PB show. It’s the Alabama show in football and Kentucky show in basketball

Ck out Ole Piss’ offense! (chocked full of 4 & 5 *'s, albeit probably ill gotten gain!!!) … this is a team that beat Bummer 2 of the last 3 years… Yes, WE beat them the last 3 years, but aTm (3-0); LSU (1-2); Vandy (2-1), TN (1-0); GA (1-0); LSU (1-2); MSU (2-1); Aub (1-2) can’t say that.

This game REALLY scares me, especially after the Hunter Heave at their house 2 years ago. They will be wanting it…and for them, EVERY game is their bowl game… I am very worried about this road game that takes place late in the season when we have a tendency to “fold the tents”… WPS.

It must be slow at ESPN.

Or the NCAA hammers them so hard that they’ve quit by the time our game rolls around. I can think of several other games that concern me more than this one.

Apparently not…they are busy reassigning Asian-American announcers from the Virginia football game because his name is Robert Lee…

Lee as in a very common name in Korea and East Asia…

We all know we’re in for a tough season that could range from as low as 3 wins to as high as 9. Almost all of us think its somewhere between 5-8 depending on breaks, injuries, etc. I’m not at all worried about preseason predictions that put us on the low end just as I’m not taken in by the one that gives us 10.

Why are Missery fans so happy? And I can’t think of anyone that would be less happy than an Ole Mess fan these days.

As high as 9? Did they cancel some games? I realize it is trendy these days to try to prove you’re not a homer for some reason, and granted it’s a long shot that they would win more than that. But I am getting pretty tired of reading these definitive statements that three (or more) of our games are a forgone conclusion. A lot of times it’s the same people who post about others “accepting mediocrity”. Just curious, how many wins did you predict in 1995? Or 2006? Sometimes long shots come in the money. If or until they lose a game, I think the win total could be as high as 12.

I bet $20 to win $1400 on an SEC Championship. Some might think it’s $20 thrown away, but I’ve cashed longer odds before.

It makes me mad that they think I’m mad! :lol:

What makes you think I’m being “trendy” rather than giving my honest assessment of how the season is likely to play out? I’ve been watching Razorback football for well over 50 years & I think I’ve gotten pretty good at predicting within a range. I have no idea what I predicted in 1995 or 2006. What did you predict? Do I think we can win 12? Yeah. Do I think it’s realistic to predict that? No. Do I think we could lose 10? Yeah, but I don’t think that’s realistic, either. I’m not making any game a foregone conclusion–either good or bad–but I don’t see us sweeping the SEC. It’s hardly “accepting mediocrity” to predict this season’s finish to have less than 10 wins. Sheesh man. It’s a prediction, not a prophecy.

There’s a lot of slow at ESPN these days…

trendy… interesting choice of descriptors
many trendy viewpoints are total nonsense
its just the age we live in
at least
our trendy viewpoints dont actually effect the outcomes of games.

very fun time of year.
everyone has a chance

expectations seem to be lower around here ive also noted.
perfectly positioned to have a season to excel and enjoy.
this year
i think its probably a healthy trendy viewpoint for everyone involved
both emotionally professionally and financially

look for us to surprise