No way they're going to enforce wearing mask inside the stadium

Watching Southern Miss and South Alabama play they just showed the Southern Miss crowd and not a one of them had a mask on. What you’re going to see throughout,still 85° at 8 kick-off way too hot to be wearing a mask. Can’t imagine 95°😱. Kind of useless to say you have to wear a mask ,when it’s not going to stay on more than about 2 seconds inside the stadium.

Depending on how far apart people sit, that might not be too big a deal. Fortunately, it’s also not likely to be horribly hot by late September. Could be pretty bad that first game, but by mid-October, the heat is not likely to be a factor at all.

Does its conference or the state of Mississippi have a mask mandate? I’ve been to three high school/junior high games in the past three weeks and every person is wearing a mask in the stands like the state and AAA require.

Hattiesburg still has a mask mandate through the middle of September I believe, people definitely are not social distancing in the stands… I walk the campus quite a bit and the students pretty much all wear their masks on campus.Grayson Gunter is starting at tight end for them and caught several balls in the first half

Definitely not social distancing from the few shots they’ve shown one of the crowd. There are a few that are doing it but there are big gatherings of fans sitting like they would ordinarily…

The Bentonville West vs Broken Arrow HS game and the college games I’ve seen (both of them) are bad optics. ALl have some sort of requirement that was blatantly being violated. If you wish to not have a mandate, so be it. If you do, be prepared to enforce it.

Its the old Barry Switzer philosphy from coaching: he didn’t make rules he was not willing to enforce.

That explains it Matt…thanks. Makes no sense to make you wear the mask in if you can take it off when you’re seated, but I can assure you mine would have come off as hot as it was

Been to several high school games in the state and NWA…many not wearing mask and that is Ok. There were about 12 kids playing football behind the stands last night at our game and none of them were wearing mask. Nobody cared or lost their minds over it. It was a beautiful thing to see.

One of the things that strikes me funny watching the game or even the Ark practice footage is watching coaches pull their masks down to yell instructions. I completely get why they do it, but I believe yelling and talking is the main reason for wearing a mask…not to protect you but to protect others from you.

I think they should just not require coaches to wear masks during games or during practice when verbally coaching (and announce it) under the pretense that the team is under a bubble and the coaches are less likely to transmit it than receive it from a player. It’s bad optics to pull the mask down every time you are committing the very act that the mask is supposed to help in transmission.

If I’m lucky enough to attend hog games this fall, I’ll be wearing my mask. And I have a SWEET hog mask, all cardinal with a striking white Hog over my mouth.

my kids will have their masks on.

my wife…you are all welcome to try to change her opinion on this. I sure can’t, lol


Were players closer than 6ft for a period of 15 minutes? Otherwise the chance of spreading the virus to others is very minimal.

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