No Way Nolan's BB Court

Today’s Student Body, probably doesn’t know Nolan’s History … None of the current Students were around when Nolan was raising ell. No nnot the 40 minutes of ell Nolan often referred too, when talking about his basketball teams Defense.
The Student Body ?? Wants to rename Bud Walton to Nolan Richardson ??? People this is total dodo. Yes Nolan won more games than any recent Coach … but he was also the Coach that threatened to walk away from all the Razorback fans … more than once. Finally it cam down to Nolan basically saying … " If i don’t get my way, then give me the money and I am gone !!.. He said it more than once that season and finally he was told to leave as the Coach. Then he got his 20 pieces of Silver … walked away and then came back and sued the Razorback university for Racism !! Nolan might have won games … but when the truth came out, about what he had done … he lost the Lawsuit. This is the kind of person the Razorback student Body wants to honor ???

You are in a huge minority here, I’m going to warn you. Not only is this a very good idea, but it should have been done at least 10 years ago.

This is not the student body wanting this. This is the Chancellor of the campus, in discussion with the AD. That decision came from the top, in other words.

People earn things in their life by what they accomplish. Nolan is the king of Hoops in Arkansas. Name the court after him and a road on campus that leads to Bud Walton arena.

His History is winning BB games for AR. His history is also walking away from the UA … suing the UA … taking his money and running. Never once apologizing to the UA or it’s BB Players, the people of AR, or the Student Body that supported him. It was his way or the highway. U want to honor this kind of person ?

Yes way. And Swine is right, it should have been done years ago.
Nolan is by no means perfect. But I suspect that if we each could have spent some time walking in his shoes then we all might have a much better understanding of why things ended the way they did.

Quite a take OP.

Hope you’re wearing a cup.

He didn’t walk away. He was fired, quite unceremoniously. Yes I do want to honor him. But I see some people can’t get over it.

Sarge, you’re full of crap! I’m being nice.

He won big, bigger than anyone, made mistakes, made amends, and was welcomed back to a place he never left. This honor is long overdue.

As someone who has spent a lot of time around him, working on his staff, covering him during his time at Arkansas and still staying in contact with him, yes, most definitely yes.

He is a great man that took this program to it highest point.

We all do things we would like to take back.

As someone who was right in the middle of it, Coach Broyles, other Arkansas admin and Coach Richardson could all have done things better and all made mistake.

No one was innocent here.

There was a lot more water under the bridge when Nolan got fired or even asked to be fired. There were mistakes made by a lot of people including the NCAA & our AD at the time when Nolan was right in the end. He felt slighted and was. The race card played was wrong IMHO, but it was also something he had dealt with for a very long time in his life.
We are talking about a Coach/Man who won a Championship at every level.

Name the court after Nolan.
It’s more than we’ll deserved.
Let go of the past.


Nolan was a proud man and he grew up in a time when black men were not supposed to be proud. Because of that he had a chip on his shoulder. I suspect that chip was instrumental in him bringing us so much success. In the end that pride and that chip caused him to say and do some things in anger that he probably regrets. I also got the sense that he never felt appreciated or supported by the administration. I don’t think that sentiment extended to most fans (although probably some). Bottom line is he was the best basketball coach in the history of our program and deserves the honor that may now be afforded him. Also, based on some personal experiences I believe him to be a good man. A flawed one but then aren’t we all. This is the right thing to do for the man, for the program, and for the vast majority of the fans.

Great post, Danno…

Actually, the students kind of got the ball rolling on this when the Associated Student Government passed a resolution to name the court last year. It got people talking about it.

The Court said some of the Defendants discriminated againdu him but that he lost the case because they had other, non-discriminatory reasons for firing him.

Broyles forgave him. The UA has mostly forgiven him. The fans have overwhelmingly (and it’s not even close) forgiven him.

But, by all means, keep grinding that axe and fighting against something that’s long overdue and could do nothing but help the program and the University.


This was inevitable I just did not know when and IMO this is already done and Steinmetz already knows how the board will vote.

I don’t want to relitigate it, but he rightly felt under appreciated by his boss.

Broyles was wanting to fire him as early as 1997. Think about how preposterous that was. It was at the end of a 5-year run that was as good as just about any non-UCLA run in college basketball history.

Name the court after Nolan for sure. Should have happened a long time ago …

NR won a national championship and got two other teams to the final four. His teams won at a very high rate for a very long time.

What a lot of people don’t realize is the way his teams played changed the way basketball was played at all levels all over Arkansas as much or more than watching the NBA or the high school rule changes. Basketball got a lot more fun and a lot more interesting to a lot more Arkansans because of Nolan. And that carries on today, as those junior high and high school players are now coaches, and they remember how playing that way feels, even if they don’t play the same offense or defense.

Yes, his tenure ended under a dark cloud of accusations, anger, and a lawsuit. But he stayed in northwest Arkansas when he had the means to go elsewhere, and he made peace with most of his adversaries over the years. He comes to the games and quietly watches, he is gracious and entertaining when he occasionally is interviewed by the media, and he never says a bad word about the university or the state. If you want to talk about the Razorbacks as a nation or a tribe, he’s pretty close to a tribal elder.

So yeah, I’m in favor of naming the court after Nolan. Enough time has passed to make the end seem fairly trivial when measured against what the man accomplished. In another ten years very few will remember much at all about those bitter days. But the three final fours and the National Championship will be remembered, and will be learned by future Hogs.