No Vaseline

Tar Heels bend Coach K over both times.

Good deal now I sure don’t care who wins the Natty this year! I hope they both play 10’OT and by the time it’s over they are plying 1 on 1 because every player has fouled out. The 1 on 1 is played by walk in’s from both teams.
I don’t like either team especially Kansas and the Kleenex Man Bull Self.
He thinks he is better than everyone else!
Davis the North Carolina coach isn’t a bad guy he just coaches for a sorry school. They cheat and get by with because they give grades away to all students not just athletes.

Coach K just threw his player under the bus. Not a good look K.

My TV cut away. What did Coach K say. Really??

He just threw Williams under the bus. Lost all respect for him.

For foul trouble? Only playing a part of the game?

Muss would never talk Shiite about his players.


Like that’s what did it? The final game, and comment, and now you lose all respect?

Ha talked plenty. Watch the post game pressers.

I have seen all of the Duke junk for far too long. I’m glad it’s over!
Coach K isn’t the same person he was 10
Or even 5 years ago. He may be retiring for those reason as well. He shouldn’t throw any of his players under the bus.

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Somebody post a link, please. I have googled for almost 10 minutes and no Coach K presser…

I think he’s talking about the post game interview on TBS. Mentioned Williams missing two FTs late.

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That was huge, the ball game. A last chance gasp. Who knows what would have happened in the last 50 seconds or so though…

Without Williams’ outstanding play in previous games they might not have even been in this game. The NC big guy missed his share of free throws earlier, so it wasn’t as glaring an error. It happens. It just looks particularly egregious at the end of a game.


Muss would’ve beat Duke with 4 days to prepare. They got lucky that he only had 48 hours.


I thought K seemed a little punchy in some of his interviews.

Maybe a bit of cognitive impairment


Not a good look for Coach K the way it sounds, I haven’t seen the interview, I didn’t even watch the game. Have absolutely no interest in watching the championship played by two teams that have cheated and lied continually, hope its the most least watched championship of all time. When you think of all the schools and great players who got knocked out of the tournament by these guys it’s disappointing to say the least and even sadder that the NCAA coddle them. I think that every time a team that is under investigation plays on TV there should be a asterisk by there name stating that they are under investigation and the opposing team should play under protest. I know that’s quite a rant but every team deserves to be treated equally! WPS

I understand this view. But to wish of the least watched NC game in history. WE are going to see the early stages of death of college BB if that is the fact.

Why try to ruin the game is beyond me…

Coach K and Duke have been paying players and their families for years. I’m so sick of them being the poster child of college basketball.


What beat Duke is 23% from the three and 12 out of 20 from the line. They were the better team but didn’t play better,why the best team very rarely wins a championship, it’s all about playing your best when you have to play your best…