No Ty Storey transfer thread yet?

Gonna be paper thin at QB without a transfer.

Great kid and wish him the best, but this is good news for the program.

Which makes me wonder if he knows something we don’t

I don’t think it’s good news that he’s leaving the program. Maybe good news if he wasn’t the starter but he would’ve been a good veteran warm blanket to have around as the backup and to influence the younger QBs.

He’s gotta know something…

Good news in that he - and Cole - will not be the starting QB at Arkansas next year. Neither are top level SEC QBs.

Onward and upward.

Fact or rumor?

Wish him the best, but we need a major upgrade at the position to be competitive.

Being reported as fact elsewhere

well we sure as heck better hope we get a transfer! I love Noland but we are in dire straits depth wise if not…

Connor is still committed to baseball, but maybe it is as simple as he has gotten it and is onward and upward. JSJ?? Freshman and soph can play and do well in the SEC, So Carolina put a kid out who should have been in high school and rode him. I think Jake Bentley did better as a Fr and Soph than last year. You just never know. Which transfer has us high on destination list would be a mystery to me. AFCA is coming up and there is usually a quiet that settles over the CFB landscape. Im still hoping for Buechele to declare, good kid with plenty of beautiful women around him.

Noland can win more than two if he is utilized correctly.

Who could blame Ty for transferring?

I surely can’t.

ty storey has had only one year experience at quarterback at arkansas the former arkansas coach did not play him at all an d more than likely did not practice him and if our offensive line does not git any better we will be in the same boat offensive thar we were last year no matter ho the quarterback is this coming year

Maybe just Maybe we can get Mr. Hurts. With the four new receivers that we got coming in…I know this sounds nuts, BUT any thing can happen??

the next shoe to fall will be the announcement of the SMU qb finding his landing spot in Fayetteville, Arkansas. You would think this thing would go in the opposite order………

Certainly seems very plausible. TS might have been told already that Hicks (or someone else) will be in for spring, and it’s just not been made public. If I were TS I would not feel real great about my chances of starting if my new HC was bringing in his old QB as a one year guy.

I figured this would happen.

It needs to. Only way to improve is to get rid of the guys who do not have P5 talent, and replace them with guys that do.

I’m not sure who the grad transfer qb will be, whether it’s Hicks or Buechele either will be an upgrade. Obviously Buechele is much more talented, but hicks would be able to be a bandaid that could run the offense much more effectively than Storey for this season until KJ is ready.

KJ is their hand picked qb, and I firmly believe he will be the starter come 2020. Noland has some talent, but we just haven’t see enough of him to know if it’s enough yet, or if he has “it”. JSJ, that’s not happening.

Don’t know who will be an upgrade (P5-SEC Level) until they take snaps with our line & other skill players, against SEC competition.
What & who we haven’t seen play we can only speculate as to how they will fair, that includes our guys Noland & JSJ & KJ coming in. Also Transfers Hicks & Buchele.
Hurts we know is a 100% upgrade.

Ever since he announced, I had a feeling Hicks would end up here. We’ll see.

Yea Hicks is Probably the best we can hope for. Other than his knowledge of the offense, I think it’s 50-50 he makes us that much better considering the situation.
He isn’t a true DT guy, Passing numbers are respectable, but against weaker competition & he had some stud WR’s at SMU compared to what we have plus new WR’s coming in.
CCM did recruit Buechele hard at SMU so maybe there is still some connection there.