No tv or radio

That is ridiculous, is this the 1932…SMH

There’s always radio. I don’t know what you’re talking about. No TV, no ESPN3, correct. But Chuck and Matt will be on the air tonight.

Thanks to the planning of the Verizon Arena TV is not an easy option!
It’s nice to hear our hogs on the radio like the old days.

What radio, will WholeHog stream the radio, or

don’t know about verizon not televising…when the SEC women’s tournament was there; those games were televised, as were the SEC gymnastics meets…think it has to do with the University not wanting to be responsiible for doing a "remote"broadcast.

They brought in production trucks and production crews to do that. Just as trucks and crews are brought in to do games at RRS and WMS. SECN has opted to wire the facilities on campus and train people in Fayetteville to run them; renting a truck and hiring a crew ain’t in the budget.

We’ve written quite a bit on the issue televising games in North Little Rock. Here was the story this week: … how-liste/

Last paragraph said it all:

[quote]… industry sources estimated an independent broadcast for an Arkansas baseball game at Dickey-Stephens Park in North Little Rock would cost more than $40,000.

Actually, yes:

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3 years ago I moved to the north side of Indianapolis. When there is a game that is not televised, I stream the Razorbacks Sports Network radio broadcast on TuneIn radio. I downloaded it for free through the app store on my phone and tablet, and hook one of those devices up to my stereo. I stream every baseball game through it each spring time for free. Whenever the Hogs are on the radio, all of my neighbors in my condo complex get to listen to the games via my loud stereo.

Listening to the Hogs on the radio broadcasts takes me back to my childhood years growing up in Central Arkansas. Go Hogs!!!

Enjoyed Chuck and Matt, but I really missed seeing it all. Nothing like watching a fast break throw down slam.

Because there was no TV, we can post highlights online. They are embedded here: … over-troy/