No TV for Texas

Longhorn Network will no longer show Saturday’s game. The only way to follow live will be via Texas radio.

Oh my gosh that is absolutely terrible. . . Having to listen to longhorn radio. Just shoot me now.

That stinks. LHN was supposed to have the game and now no TV. Wow

This is absurd. If we signed the contract with the knowledge that it would be televised on the LHN, then we should tell TX we are no longer going forward with the game. I’d bet they would immediately agree to telecast the game. Didn’t I read the game is essentially sold out. If so, it’s even more incredulous that they would cancel the telecast.

I’m PO’ed about this! Just the same old Texass crap!

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I am so pissed about this! I was gonna take off work early to watch. Don’t play the game, Muss! Let’s just play Toledo in The Bud.

This just ruined my day.

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Sure is coincidental that they canceled the television coverage the day after we had our first exhibition. Shorthorns got a look at what’s coming their way and decided not to air the game without explanation. Let’s go down there and validate their decision. :angry:

I think this was decided within the last several days, but not today. I confirmed it this morning.

Sounds like they want a packed house. If TX was coming to the hill, I’d hope we would do the same thing.

I read somewhere that they have essentially sold all of the tickets for the game. There are no tickets available on the Texas website.

I don’t know this, but my hunch is that Texas does not want game film for UTEP to analyze before its season opener in a couple of weeks. And I have wondered whether that was the reason Arkansas did not stream its game last night. Again, I don’t know that, but it is the thought that keeps crossing my mind.

They are worried about UTEP? Really? What a gutless thing to do. This game needs to be cancelled yesterday.

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Matt I know for a fact that’s why we didn’t televise last night. Happy to discuss if you’d like.

Coaches are paranoid. It’s a fact. It won’t ever change.


Meh…I can live w it. Lots and lots of games w the vast majority on a network for my DVR. :sunglasses:

My dad had a saying “Danny, it’s not paranoia if they are really out to get you”. Kinda makes sense.

Well, that frees up my Saturday after the football game. I think I’ll walk down to one of the ponds and catch some bass. They are starting to feed again after the heat of the summer here in SW Florida.

I think coaches want every competitive advantage they can find. I wouldn’t be surprised if the UTEPs and North Dakota States of the world worry coaches most because a loss in those games are more devastating to their overall resume than a loss to a brand-name team.

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I don’t think there was such contract.

It’s an exhibition.

That thinking may have some merit. However, when we played UALR in an exhibition two years ago, it was televised. Kentucky exhibitions are often televised.

Everything Kentucky does is televised. Sick to death of it.