No tomorrow. NCAA or bust

Make NCAA and be 2-6 and can be ok going forward .

1-5 and another no show in ncaa and we either make changes or agree we have taken standards to a new low.

I get no pleasure in saying this as I
Want to keep mike .

Lol why are you talking like you are the AD and letting us know CMA’s future. I don’t get why people make ultimatums to a coach on a message board, there’s absolutely no point in doing it.

If you want to make a petition to fire the coach, you can create one at and you can email Jeff Long your complaints. And if you’re really serious about getting something done stop making donations and supporting the program until a change is made. That’s what I would do if I really wanted to get momentum going for a coaching change. Otherwise you’re just wasting time telling us about your ultimatums on here, none of us have any power and I doubt anyone that does will see this.

We are not testing new lows. We won 5 road games in ten years before we got mike. We had to pay a head hunter company to find a coach that wouldn’t run in fear again, they got a Kentucky wildcat to coach us to a below .500 sec record his last three years here.

Message board my friend. Just one voice of concern for program. If either of us had real power for our views, I suspect we would not be here.

That’s my whole point. It’s not even a discussion, it’s just you coming on here and telling us what the coach has to do or he’s fired. And obviously you don’t have to power to fire him. That’s like me going on a political message board and saying the President doesn’t do these things I’m impeaching him. I just don’t understand why people do that. Does it somehow make you feel better to pretend you have firing power?

Cmon BLU, you knew after we beat Vandy and everyone declared their love, a loss was pending and they’d hate again. As a matter of fact, I called it this morning (the turn on Mike on this board, and the bad feeling about Missouri on another board). I call it the Mike Anderson curse. Seems like every time his guys seem to turn a corner and the fans buy in, we have a game we are expected to win and for some reason we don’t show up and the haters come out in full force. I expect this reaction. When we win our next three, it’ll change back. Just let it go. Let everyone have their fun, you and a few others can have yours on Tuesday.

P.S. We are still in 4th

So true Baked. And, it’s not Mike Anderson, it happens all around the country. It’s college basketball. Look at all the upsets that happened just today. #2 Baylor lost at home to Kansas State. #3 Kansas lost at home to Iowa State, #7 West Virginia lost at home to Oklahoma State (who started 0-6 in conference).

Almost every team has it’s up and downs. Now I admit us losing to Mizzou is pretty bad, considering their record/RPI. But, for anyone that has watched Mizzou this year, they should have know they weren’t just scrubs you show up and beat. They got some guys that can play, they just haven’t played well as a team. Even South Carolina had trouble pulling away from them last week, when they played them in Mizzou.

One thing I do like about this team, every time they’ve been down they’ve responded well. I’m like you I think we’ll bounce back, and surprise some people and pull an upset, my guess would be against South Carolina, they are due for a loss. It’s hard to go on winning streaks in this league.

I respect opinions on an opinion board even if some do not my friend. Opinion board on sports and the team we love. I believe all opinions allowed. Even if mine or others may be different from your own.

I completely respect opinions. But, what you gave was more of an ultimatum.

That’s like if I said “If (Message Board Member #1) makes another bad post, he’s banned or we’re settling for a lesser message board.” First, i’m not a mod I don’t have the power to do that. Next that’s not an opinion that’s just me coming on here and saying what’s going to happen, even though I don’t have the power to do it.

An opinion based post that’s open for discussion would be. “Hey guys, I don’t think CMA will get another year if he doesn’t make the tournament this year, what is everyone’s else opinion?”

That’s just my 2 cents. Maybe that wasn’t your intention, but that’s how the post came off.

We just lost to the 278th RPI team in the country, there should be a little blow-back from the fans. The one’s that do count for the NCAA tournament selection are taking notes, hopefully they have a sense of humor.

I don’t disagree. The issue is there are certain posters that only show up when we lose, and certain posters that only show up when we win. Only a few do it, no matter what.

And most people just haven’t cared in a long time. This loss sure will get a lot of attention though. We desperately need an attention grabbing W. Good thing we have some time to get better before we get another shot at Florida.

I don’t disagree with that either