No Thomas so far

Bailey, Cook and Hall playing good defense. Hall adds some points

I was wondering if I was imagining that or not, anyone know why he is out?

I’m glad he’s not playing arguably the worst player on the team

No idea. He’s dressed out, and was looking unhappy on the bench. Probably a suspension, because he hasn’t been playing bad.

Coach said not a suspension. Anyone know what the deal is? I personally don’t think he was playing well and didn’t look like we missed him too much. I hope he gets the message he better pick it up.

I find it hard to believe he went from starting a lot to a DNP without it being something.

Now, that could be all kinds of things–practice effort, academics, whatever. He has had several of those types of issues in his time here.

He had been playing poorly and (IMO) Thomas has very little upside, especially when he isn’t hitting wide open mid-range jumpers (which is most of the time).

I would like to see his minutes go to Cook, Bailey and Hall. The team seems to be more active and less on its heels when those guys are playing instead of Thomas.

Interestingly, he played his highest game minutes with 28 minutes at Florida. He had 4 points and 4 rebounds including his first three pointer. So, I agree something is up.

I said this on another thread, I’m wondering if CMA decided to start Hall and Bailey to use their athleticism to try and jump start the defense, and give some experience and skill coming off the bench (with Macon and Thomas). It irked Macon when asked about it a few games ago, I wonder if it irked Thomas and he said something negative and Mike sent him a message?