No talk about the Montana game

They gave Stanford a game, ended up losing by 11. Looks like they are similar to North Texas and like to slow the game down. We need to be ready. Hogs are 16 point favorites.

They’re young. Lost 8 from their NCAA tourney team from last season.

Wish someone would give us some living room tv time.

This SEC/ESPN the Ocho stuff has limited those who would otherwise see us and get excited.

That will finally happen next Friday against South Dakota. It will also happen 3 days later at GA Tech, if you get the ACC Network, which U-Verse just recently added - yeah!

You mean next Friday night we will be on the Kentucky Basketball network. :smile:

Never overlook anyone! Refer to Kentucky this week They got beat by Evansville!
The hogs just need to continue to play solid “D” and run solid offense.

The Griz can’t throw a beachball in the ocean right now. Our defense is part of that but not all. They’re outrebounding us or they’d have no chance at all. We’ll just have to get used to that. We’re gonna get killed on the boards in SEC play.

We can’t rebound or make layups. Letting them hang around…