No surprise. Malik Hornsby to portal

He tweeted a little while ago. Expressed gratitude to Briles & Pitman. Don’t really blame him. He’s just not an SEC QB


Agree. Electric at times. Maddening at others. I hope he finds his niche and is successful.


All the best young man. You’ll have a lot of Hog fans rooting for you.


Best to Mlik. Gifted athlete but wasn’t used fully to compliment his abilities.
Massage from CSP that he was too valuable to NOT be on the field as often as possible is
disheartening seeing that nothing else materialized.

He’s been recruited by Arkansas State for the past few weeks.

Doesn’t that violate rules? Not that anyone is enforcing rules these days

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Sometimes things just don’t work out and it is pretty apparent that for him to realize his goal of playing quarterback, he probably would benefit from a location change. This does not mean, I am glad he is gone, or mad that he is leaving. Best wishes Malik and thanks for being a Hog.

butch jones’s seat about to get hot…2 losing seasons

Sure it does but everybody is doing it through intermediaries ( HS coaches, agents, etc.)

We better be too and I’m sure we are.

Luskimo is right about Jones at Arkansas State. Their last home game this past Saturday night attendance was around 1000 I was told. The red wolves are restless!

The main problem for ASU is they don’t have the money for a buyout. At least that’s been their problem for years. Perhaps its better for them these days, but I doubt it.

Still pisses me off that they’ve been recruiting Hornsby. I have no problem with them doing it once he enters the portal, but while he’s still on the team, it’s crappy. But if everyone acknowledges that’s how it’s going to be, I agree we need to be doing it, too.

One way to enforce this within the SEC is for the SEC to prohibit any player from transferring from one SEC school to another without sitting out a year. That’d still leave open the opportunity to recruit from or be recruited to every other school in the NCAA.

I turned on their game for a few minutes just to see what kind of crowd they had. It was worse than awful. If there were 1,000 people there, most of them must have been in their indoor area. Couldn’t have been much more than 500 people in the stands.

He could follow the path of Tarvaris Jackson and end up in NFL.

perhaps, but not likely. Tarvaris always had a great arm. Malik doesn’t take care of the ball (perhaps something he can learn to do), but I haven’t seen anything about him that makes me think he’s a high level QB. He has tremendous speed. Probably could make a great d-back or wide receiver, but I don’t know if he’s big & strong enough for either position. I know he doesn’t want to play either of those places. He wants to be a quarterback. Maybe at someplace like ASU he could be one.

I wish him the best. I am very surprised he didn’t work out for us.

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He just never seemed to consistently handle the ball or throw it with any consistency. If he could ever get around an end, he was gone, but I cringed when he entered the game.

Malik was unable to break into the Hog receiver rotation. Presumably there were better options available.

I wonder if Malik belongs in track rather than football? His singular skill set of pure speed might better come into play there.


I hate thing’s didn’t work out for Malik here, tremendously talented individual. Wish him the very best and look forward to seeing how he develops under a different coaching staff.WPS

Best of luck. Thanks for being a Hog!

This can be like being fired/let go for employees - they need the wake up call to reset themselves and dedicate to doing the work to be successful. I wish that for Malik unless he plays Arkansas.