No surprise here but ESPN ticker says Missory has fired KM

but he will coach through the tourney, looking to hire the CAL coach Cuonzo Martin

Fixed it for ya. Yeah, he’s at Cal now. Bailed out on the turmoil of the EOE athletic department despite a good record there. Fans wanted him out to rehire Bruce Pearl, which didn’t help.

Here’s the report on K. Anderson:

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Another name to consider: Lorenzo Romar, on the hot seat at Washington. Used to coach at St. Louis U so have area ties. Hired Michael Porter Sr. – from Missouri – as an assistant. This is important because Michael Porter Jr. may be the best high school player in the country, and has committed to UW for play for Romar and his dad. Maybe Mizzou goes for the package deal.

Kim Anderson rules with an iron fist and kids bailed on him when he arrived. Tough job! If L Martin would seem to be a good fit in Misery. It would be a grudge match every time they played Tennessee with him as a coach for Misery.

romar has been run out of every job he’s held & Martin was a desperation hire by UT & took the Cal job when Vol fans lit torches & demanded he be fired. good luck to Mizzery

Comments: Well there you have it, ruling student athletes with an iron hand will get you fired. A smart coach understands it’s all about relationships in addition to teaching, if you fail on any of those two points you probably won’t be there long. Kim is a product of Norm he also played under him. Did you know there was a great divide between Columbia (Mizzo) and Saint Louis… STL kids did not play for Norm they played everywhere else except Columbia, I believe Eddie Sutton got one or two as the results. Norm Benefited from a direct pipeline into the motor city. When Mizzo hired Mike first thing he did is remove that divide between Columbia and Saint Louis.