No surprise but it looks

like the LSU game will be 11 am. Nothing definite, but that’s the word as of now.

If LSU somehow beats Bama, that probably changes. But that’s gonna be a really tall order.

Boo. That would make us the second game at 11:00 as the ESPN app already shows Vanderbilt and Missouri playing at that time.

All I can say, if it’s the 11am game on CBS, I’ll be thankful I’m at the game and won’t have to listen to Aaron Taylor on their “B” team, his monotone voice is beyond hideous. That, and he never shuts up.

Ridiculous…makes it tough for some recruits to get here…our own fault,we are not relevant at all…kind of like red head step child.

It may be a CBS game, just an early one. I heard someone talking the other day that CBS may do more prime time games in their next contract. They’re not getting the bang for their buck that ABC is getting with the Big Ten games at night. Night games get better ratings than 2:30 games.

I thought I saw in paper where SEC said we would have no more 11am games the rest of year!

It probably, it did, come from Wally…

That is not what the story said. Hunter Yurachek was quoted as saying, “I can’t predict what time it (the LSU game) will be. But I’d be surprised if it’s an 11 a.m. kickoff.”

Yurachek said he spoke with Greg Sankey to express concern over playing so many early games at home. … -20181027/

If memory serves, there used to be a limit on how many times a school would play the 11 am kickoff in a season. Seems like it was still when it was the JP game.

I believe there was also a guarantee that each school would play at least once in the 2:30 feature game on CBS. It might not have been at home, but you were supposed to have a CBS telecast.

Perhaps that is too difficult now with 14 teams, but I sure hope Yurachek got his money’s worth out of that conversation with Sankey. Five weekends with 11 am kickoffs (if next week vs. LSU turns out to be) is ridiculous, regardless of the team’s record.

And, won’t Finebaum and crew be here to feature our beloved Hogs, the new monument–and its dedication ceremony, to include members of the 64 team–and the beauty of Northwest Arkansas?

One sure way to stop so many 11AM games, WIN more than one or two!!!

Arkansas is guaranteed an afternoon game (1:30 PM) on Black Friday when we play at Mizzou.

There are no guarantees to play on CBS. Vanderbilt has played six times on CBS in the past 21 years.