No sunshine. Why can't Arkansas be a top program?

Going into Year five for coach B.

More than that for Long and lack of innovation and recruiting innovation to gain top talent and overcome deficiency in recruiting historic to Arkansas.

Essentially no D line talent coming in.

I’m not impressed with coach B or Long anymore.

I know sunshine may attack and I wish I could still believe but I just don’t anymore.

There are systemic issues we must address if our goal is to win titles.

If we are doing all possible then something is tragically wrong.

If we are doing everything right then something is tragically wrong.

What is the plan to win titles wishin the law?

Gaining more talent and depth must be achieved.

Playing in second half would be nice too.

As depressed as been in a long time and I’m sorry I just don’t believe in our pgorgram at the moment.

Let the positive Sunshine beating begin.

We’ve yet to have a recruit jump off this class but I’m sure that won’t last. I highly doubt we get a decent defensive recruit addition after this performance. BB will have his farewell tour in 17 or shoot might get an extension for another 7 win season. He is a mediocre coach that isn’t great at any aspect of coaching but running his chops. Time to try and pay an outrageous amount for a decent coaching staff, that’s the only way.

I actually like coach B but it takes an incredible coach to overcome recruitin disadvantages and win at Arkansas and win titles in modern post integration days.

And our Atheltic Director who uses coach B as a shield for not creating innovative recruiting plans needs to go first.

Any new great coach asks AD whether he can recruit to win and this AD has no answer and conviently uses coaches as excuse for his lack of plans to overcome historic disadvantages at Arkansas.

The AD’s plan is hoping a coaching petsonality can overcome AD lack of plans for the program.