No streaming the Red White Game this weekendis

Scottie has a story indicating there is no streaming of the Red White Game due to a Campus-Wide Internet Outage. I assume this includes other sports as well. I wonder if anyone has considered the effort that is put into the Red-White Game from a recruitment/visibility standpoint. This does not put the UA program in a good light since SECN and ESPN now likely do not have the University of Arkansas BB Red White on their sites along with Kentucky, Auburn, Alabama, Tennessee, etc. Someone screwed up in the coordination of work. I guess we haven’t quite got our stuff together despite the expanded staff positions and bags of television money. This is frustrating for those of us that depend on the telly to see the Hogs, but it goes beyond that in the marketing of the program as the State’s Razorbacks.

Will say this is 100% BS. With an iPhone and a twitch account I could stream the whole damn thing. So its not about not having the ability to stream it. I’ll bet its about money. Who has the rights if it is stream and how could UofA make money on it. Would they make enough to make it worth while. It always boils down to money.

This whole internet talking stuff is BS. I say again iPhone and Twitch.

Someone call Pinto… he can cover it for the UofA if they can’t.

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Do you really think cell service with 9k other folks on their phone will allow someone to stream it? I don’t like it, but I’d be surprised if the service is good enough to do this.

When did we move Barnhill to NLR? Asking for a friend.
Seriously though, this really sucks. My mom just had knee surgery and was really looking forward to this.

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He can’t. Last time they shut him down

votan I agree. . . something aint right, saying that there won’t be internet on campus. When I worked for them in the 90s they had redundant internet connections, if one went down it failed over to the backup. Even though then they were 56k lines there were still 2 of them. I guarantee there are backups in place. I work for a 250 person company and we have backup connections in our locations with more than 10 people in them. UA should have multiple gigabit connections that take different routes off from campus. Ridiculous if they don’t.

I would also be shocked if they didn’t have backup firewalls that would failover as well.

EVEN if you are replacing all the core routers on campus, you should be able to do it without an outage. . . .

Agree there is something else going on here.

Thanks for sharing the article. I notice there is a contact person listed via email. Information Technology scheduled the work to start early Sunday morning and extend to 11:59 PM no doubt giving availability of the early AM for mishaps. There is also mention of a second later campus-wide shut down. Frustration.

Well now there is an explanation that makes sense. Power outage is a different story, only so long you can run on batteries and if you are replacing your backup generators or transfer switches then there’s going to be a significant outage. I stand corrected. . . .

I would however say that by 2022, Internet should enter multiple points on the UA campus and one location being down shouldn’t cause an outage. . . . but . . . that is more a financial decision than an IT decision :slight_smile: Single points of failures are a bad thing.


I bet Muss is real happy about no coverage…

I wonder what alternatives the AD explored with the IT gurus. I appreciate the improvements made in the electronic accessibility of the Athletic Department sports programs including, of course, the use of the SECN hub. With those improvements to access and interactivity, the Razorback fanbase and others including potential recruits “feel” a higher affinity with the Hill, and in turn, have even higher expectations of having their now-tapped-interested served. Unfortunately, the IT folks have the expertise in technology in bringing the latest and best connectivity to system users such as the UA EDU including the Athletic Department but it is the Administrative folks that have that responsibility for communicating with the various UA EDU system to assure interruptions such the RED WHITE SECN do not occur. The AD or his representatives were no doubt at the table when the IT folks explained the “good and bad” with this important installation including the possible time(s) for scheduling the necessary installation period of the outage. As with some of the fumbles this year, someone did not follow basic ball protection resulting in a bad outcome rather than an otherwise positive outcome. Hopefully, a lesson has been learned that will insure better communication for the announced later second campuswide outage.

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