No start for Chaney

Henderson. Gabe. Chaney. Stepping out from Gafford’s shadow. Like it so far.

Does anyone recognize the team in Arkansas red? WPS

I’m just loving the extra ball for these young guys! Fun game, playing like we have nothing to lose!

We don’t.

Balanced scoring, good defense, good rebounding and 62% from deep(er).


Gabe got his third foul. Rest of the semi-bigs have to stay out of trouble.

And Chaney has 8 points off the bench

The hogs are playing hard and effective. I like the fact all of them are scoring.

Even Gabe :stuck_out_tongue:

It helps that we are hitting shots but I love the pace! If Mike can pull some stud Jucos and keep what he wants off this team!?

Yes sir, tonight they are having to guard everyone and so far we’ve not put up to many bad shots. Things will be tougher this second half hopefully we will continue to play loose. WPS

Also helps that PC can’t throw a beachball in the ocean from deep. That worries me if they start hitting treys, but an 11-point cushion ain’t bad.

I’ve posted several times this year about how much better these young guys look in our match up zone. They look great in it tonight. Maybe Mike just didn’t play it that much because it probably would negate some of Gafford’s rim protection. But this group just seems so much more comfortable in the match up zone.

Who knows what’s going to happen this 2nd half, but the 1st half sure went well.

Adrio just got his third foul. A bit concerning but we’ve held the double digit lead

Sorry just got the game on, maybe someone has already said, but seeing that neither HY or TJ Cleveland is there. Is that true?

Dudley said TJ was at the juco tournament in Kansas yesterday. Maybe he’s still there. A little recruiting wouldn’t be a bad thing.

:lol: True

Frankly I’ve heard enough about Ed Cooley to do me for one night! How about them HOGS!! WPS

Match up zone.

Playing great defense. Playing loose and fast

“Where have these guys been Mike Anderson”. Loved that quote.

Where has this defense been? Let’s finish strong!!

TJ is watching Tyson Jolly play tonight.

I do not know if HY is there or not.

I do know that he doesn’t go to all the road basketball games. Just as with FB and JL, they send assistant ADs.

HY was at the SEC Tournament