No start for Chaney

All I can say is wow! We will see how it plays out! I sure hope he play some major minutes.

This lineup has played 3 offensive possessions together all season.

Good Lord that just makes no sense

Unreal how loyal he is to certain players. I would bet you anything that Chaney is gone after this game. His body language all year has been bad. Now he can’t get the start over Bailey or Gabe.

Why not start Mason and Chaney? We will get thumped by double digits I’m afraid.

I’m rooting for CMA, but not starting Chaney and Jones is just being petty.

When Chaney started this year he didn’t play well. I presume Mike doesn’t think that would have changed tonight. But that’s just a guess

Looks good to start, maybe Mike knows and see’s more than us

We’re playing well right now and rebounding. WPS

Now that’s just crazy talk. No way he is as good a coach as the rest of us. :sunglasses:

Looks like a stroke of genius right now

Hahaha right

Chaney came in and got a rebound, block, turnover and assist. Already stuffing the stat sheet.

I forgot my rule of not posting during the game, never ends well for me :slight_smile: I’m enjoying the energy so far, my last post until after the game!

our players will let you back in the game everytime

It almost looks like Chaney should’ve gotten more burn this year

Nine players have played, eight have scored. Even Henderson. Harris is the 0 in the points column but he’s only shot once. Harris is also leading us in rebounding(?)

Best motion offense we’ve played in awhile! WPS

Get the extension in the works

And our leading scorer so far is… Gabe.