No slam dunk type hires for SEC job openings

Some good coaches and potentially good coaches but no one who jump into the top half of SEC hoops coaches.

Muss, Buzz, Barnes, Cal, Pearl, Oats still at the top of the list.

I feel confident this post will generate a few replies of “I hate coach XXXXXX” :slight_smile:

Not sure Oats belongs in that group. His team struggled down the stretch

Oates and Pearl don’t belong in the list! Just my opinion. I’m surprised an up a
Young coach would take the LSU job knowing they are facing probation and issues over the Wade fiasco!

Contract will have clauses that protect him. We don’t know who if anyone else LSU reached out to. Besides someone had to do it.

It’s interesting how quickly the openings are being filled with recently successful mid-major coaches rather than going for the proven Power conference coaches. Probably the right way to go.

Nothing more than my opinion, but I think Miss State wins with their hire of Jans. I think he will do quite well there. I’m underwhelmed (and completely baffled by UGA’s hire of Mike White), and I think the jury will be out for some time on Golden, Macmahon and Paris. I know nothing about Gates, but I’m counting on Mizzou to make another sub par hire. Of course any/all of these could wind up being very good coaches. But as we know, the transition to coaching in the SEC isn’t always easy.

No doubt in my mind that Muss, Buzz and Barnes are the cream of the SEC coaching crop (in spite of Barnes tendency to flop in the Big Dance). Pearl and Cal are only as good as the talent on their roster.

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Barnes and Pearl are the only ones listed that had success at a “power” school before their current job. Calipari was successful too, on a different level.

Oates and Muss also came from mid majors. One can argue that neither of those 2 were “slam dunk hires” at the time they were hired.

I agree with your top three. I hope Muss and family grow to love Fayetteville enough to retire there. It is hard to imagine a better replacement.


Alabama signed a great basketball class, probably its best ever. I think the Tide will bounce back nicely. There were some suggesting he was going to Louisville but I knew he was not leaving that incoming class.

The hot seat section got emptied out pretty thoroughly this year. Ole Miss might make a change next year, but barring something really unexpected you’d think no one else is in any real trouble.

You might or might not be right on Oates (I think you will be proven wrong, but the jury is still out). Pearl? As much as I dislike him, Pearl is a very good coach (cheater? YES)

Pearl is good enough to figure out how to lose with all that talent

Pearl loves the camera on him.

Matt McMahon isn’t a young coach unless 45 is considered young. Guess it depends on how old we are ourselves

Oh that’s young. My oldest daughter is 44…… :rofl:

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Yes Alabama brings in the nation’s number 3 class, right behind us, so the battle will continue.

He better hope he hits the transfer portal hard on recruits,because he’s number 6 in the SEC and 36 in the nation with only two recruits a 4* and 3 *

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