No Safety

The last A&M TD of the first half was just poor scheme. Must have a safety inside the hash. Both were 5 yards wide of the hash. When Brooks Ellis went with the motion back, there was no one in the middle of the field. Too easy for Knight. This was a half of missed opportunities and mistakes by both teams. Kicking game mistakes by Aggies set up Arkansas for a big half. Arkansas missed two chances at touchdowns to let the Aggies back into the game. Targeting foul (argue whether it was or was not) was costly, too. It was definitely a personal foul.

Austin Allen was superb. He was the better passer. Knight was the better runner. I do not think Knight can beat you with his arm. But he might with his feet.

Clay some of that starts at the defensive front, we are leaving a hole big enough to roll a semi through. Knight is at full speed before he is close to the LOS, Then yes our safeties are too far gapped by that time he is blowing past everybody.
Score should be in the neighborhood of 27-31 Hogs and 10 or less Aggies.