No safety defense

I had been told by someone who knows defense that Ryan Day does not. I saw it against Michigan in the second half. Ohio State vacated the middle of the field. Straight hand offs produced straight line trips to the end zone. I am not surprised that Ohio State folks are livid. They have great players. You don’t do that silly stuff with that kind of talent.


Agree…I think Buckeyes will regret not hiring Fickel once he gets established at Wisconsin. That defense plan Saturday was odd watching it. Ohio State is wasting that talent, as you say, much like LSU did during Les Miles era.

They just hired Jim Knowles away from Ok State for 2mil/yr. They made pretty big strides defensively this year compared to last

Did we not see that this year from the Hogs? Whenever Sanders rushed it left Bumper or Pooh alone in the middle. If the safeties were supposed to help out there they did not. Often the teams ran behind Drew and it was clear running. The results were big runs up the middle.

They failed miserably on defense in the only game that mattered. That defensive plan in the second half against Michigan was crazy. If the head coach let Knowles run that, he is crazy, too.

No doubt about that

They did not play that scheme. Safeties may have missed tackles. But they never lined up with no safety in middle. I knew someone would bring that. You win.

I did not say we had no safety there I am saying they did not supply the support that is needed if you are only going to have one lb in the middle.
Two different things.

Again, I knew someone would go there. Correct. Two different things. Again, you win.

The biggest problem with the current safeties is a lack of speed. Good technique can never replace speed and athleticism. When Catalon got hurt, the entire secondary fell apart. The only bright spot was the emergence of Mc Ado at cornerback. Surprise, he has SEC speed and athleticism.

Another who hijacked the thread. You win too. I predicted it would happen to a friend. The thread was about Ohio State. It’s fine. Anything goes.

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I hate Michigan, but it was pure joy to watch OS blunder on defense.

Yeah the middle of the field is always the area that you cannot leave unattended and not pay for it eventually. I didn’t watch a whole lot of the game so I didn’t really know that they did that but now I can see why they got torched

Well, Harbaugh is not exactly “chopped liver” as an offensive mind. Just to play contrarian.

It’s really not that cut and dried me thinks. Does Coach Pittman know defense? :sunglasses:

11th in the nation in total defense, 1 game, they got popped.

seemed like they played cover zero and let the chips fall on DL talent to shorten cover time and try to force turnovers. t-OSU is conceited and convinced of their superiority in all match ups.

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