No running commentary on Chad the Morrister leaving Allen?

no where to go and not sure who would want him based on post Clemson everywhere. Maybe Chandler can get him on at TCU as a consultant??

Chad Morris’ return to high school coaching lasted just one season after he stepped down at Allen High in Texas on Friday.

This move would allow the 53-year-old to return to the college ranks, where he has experience as both a head coach and coordinator. Morris recorded an 18-40 record over five seasons as a head coach at SMU (2015-17) and Arkansas (2018-19) but enjoyed success as the offensive coordinator at Tulsa (2010) and Clemson (2011-14).

After his dismissal in Arkansas, Morris served as the quarterbacks coach and offensive coordinator at Auburn in 2020 before accepting the job as the head coach at Allen, one of the most successful high school programs in the nation.

Allen went 11-3 in 2021, the school’s worst record since 2005, and it lost its first home since the debut of Eagle Stadium in 2012.

He may have been forced to resign. I’ll ask the HogFather (from the old HI forum). He has season tickets at Allen HS football.

I went to one football game at Allen HS when Kyler Murray was there.

There was a story on the front page Friday when it happened.

You didn’t look very hard (or at all) did you, Ray?

Who cares???


Yep, who cares?


Kind of like stories about Gus - gets to a point that we would rather just live in the positive era that’s happening now rather than rehash the bad times

From the site perspective, it’s news, so we have a story on it. Just like we did when he was hired and fired at Arkansas, hired at Auburn and at Allen.

How many good jobs are open right now? I figure not many.

Morris is like the crazy uncle that created a nightmare at Thanksgiving many years ago and still shows up for every holiday uninvited.

In his case, that mean’s he’ll be chasing jobs better suited to his skill set.

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