No rule change

There have been a lot of aggregated articles the past 24 hours about the NCAA possibly banning the punt return like North Texas pulled off last weekend. All of them have stemmed from the same tweet from Tommy Craft, who is a radio host in Fort Smith.

Today an NCAA spokesman put an end to that rumor.

Rule changes are discussed during the off-season. I don’t know if it would have been unprecedented, but I can never remember the NCAA changing a rule mid-season.

I never expected it to be changed in-season, but I did predict (in an earlier post) that it soon would be, and I’m confident that it will.

While fans may chuckle about it, when serious football minds look at the play and try to make an argument for NOT banning it - I can’t see one that they’ll be able to come up with one.

It has no place in the game. Most especially in today’s context of CTE and a concerted effort to legislate plays with an obvious high risk for injury out of the game.