No Returning Defensive Starters In 2017

If Robb Smith stays, or even if he does not, I think it should be considered that there are ZERO returning defensive starters when spring ball begins.
To me no one has earned the right to be considered set as a starter in their current position. With Ledbetter, Wise, Winston and Ellis graduating it makes it easier to say that. But this team has had little pass rush, one good linebacker and truly pathetic defensive backfield play across the board. So no one or no area gets a pass.
Now I have no doubt that Scoota, Sosa, Pulley and Greenlaw will be starters. Jackson has been coming on and should secure one spot on the line. But nothing should be set. I want these guys to fight to the death if need be to get on the field next season.
I wish our 2017 recruiting class included ten DBs. I know that sounds crazy and if it is, then the current defensive backfield is responsible for making me that way!!! I can’t watch it another season. :o
How bad does Nate Dalton have to be to not get a shot at safety? Either safety?
Are we sure Duwop won’t play safety? Pettway? Skipper? Eddie from Clarksville? Anyone with a geometry degree that can figure out a proper angle? Anyone?
Coach Jennings was highly regarded when he arrived from TCU. Coach Rhoads is considered to be an expert in the field. EVEN THESE GUYS have been unable to teach these safeties how to determine angles and tackle when you get there. Crazy? Oh you betcha!
After two years of watching this I do not consider this to be harsh. It is nothing compared to what I tell my tv game after game. For two years this team has had a wonderful offense that has carried this team the distance it has been able to go.
In private I can not believe CBB, in all of his positiveness, has not had similar thoughts.

I generally agree although I’ll say Pulley has been good and Agim, Ramsey and even Coley at times have flashed–Scoota, too.

Those guys and Greenlaw will be likely starters. Bijon has come on of late. He and Capps are very strong and if whatever caused Capps to be pulled for a few games doesn’t reoccur I would expect those guys to play a lot and be capable.

My hope is that a different scheme will help. The current scheme handcuffs the DL and relies upon LBs and safeties that we don’t have to be playmakers.

I really like Brooks Ellis and he has had some good games for us over the years but he has really struggled at times this year.

I think sometimes he is actually too smart. You can almost see him focusing so much on being perfect in his assignment that he catches blocks and isn’t going downhill. His best game was against Fla when he just cut it loose.

There are some talented guys redshirting. They didn’t have eye-popping stats but they are players. Hopefully they will help. We definitely can’t be any worse than we have been this year as a whole.

Our defense would not be so bad if we had good LB that this scheme needs. The only year a RS defense has been real good is with a very good LB in Martrelle Spaight. I agree with you about our Dline gap controls and LB funneled scheme; but sadly we only had one REAL SEC linebacker in Greenlaw. Everyone puts a WR on Ellis to expose his lack of speed/coverage or they expose Greenlaw’s weakness in Run Support.

Is our Defensive scheme too complex? We cannot get backups in the game that know the scheme unless there is an injury; yet Eugene looks pretty dang good for a guy that couldn’t get on the field? Greenlaw and Ellis have been fatigued but the story was we couldn’t play any back ups because they weren’t able? Is it too complex for anybody but Ellis to master?

Call me stupid, but I don’t see our defensive personnel for next year being that bad. This year, we are hurting a linebacker. Badly. And our safety play is way below standard. Liddell is decent versus the pass. Not against the run. Ramirez is physical. But not fast. Neither come anywhere near being difference makers. Coley takes terrible angles time after time after time.

We have been solid at corner and will miss Collins more than people realize.

At LB’er we get Greenlaw back, and if Scoota keeps coming, and if Ramsey develops we have three pretty talented linebackers. Now…how GOOD they are remains a question. But there is talent with those three. Then we will need redshirt freshman depth. Along with Eugene. Hackett could help if he gets it together. Honestly, we need Greenlaw to be all-SEC level. And it looked like that was where he was heading coming out of last year.

I worry about the safeties. I worried about them coming into this year and was proven correct. Recruit recruit recruit.

The d-line has underachieved but they are not the major problem. We were counting on #48 to be a difference maker. He hasn’t been able to be that.

Sosa will need to be that next year. And barring injury I suspect he will. Need more. Maybe Capps with a spring and fall will become a beast. He’s holding his own as a true frosh.

I think our scheme needs alterations.

No matter who the DC is, every job is open in March, and in August. If somebody comes in and outperforms a returning starter, he will play. I agree that the scheme is what needs fixing. Recruiting is a constant. You always need to recruit, whether those who leave are NFL level or future fry cooks. And we are clearly short on LBs and safeties (and OL).

Well, returning nine starters meant giving up close to 40 a game in SEC play so heading in the other direction sure can’t hurt.

Hmmmm…no returning starters? Let’s see, Sosa Agim,Randy Ramsey, Dwayne Eugene, Santos Ramirez, Josh Liddell, Ryan Pulley. Any of these guys Seniors? These guys were listed starters on the current depth chart. Also people that play quite a bit, and listed second on the depth chart…Tevin Beanum, Austin Capps,Bijohn Jackson,DeJohn Harris, Josh Harris, De’Andre Coley, and Henre’ Tolliver. I count 13 on defense who have decent playing time experience.

He’s saying no one should go into camp with the title of a starter. That only a few have earned it. There’s not a single LBer or DB who has earned it, or safeties are arguably among the worst in the SEC. I hope some of these highly recruited incoming freshman DBs, get a fair chance at starting. There is no way montaric brown could be worse than Liddell or Ramirez/coley. Along with hopefully Calloway at corner if we can land him and maybe another safety on the current roster gets a chance such as Nate Dalton. These guys deserve a chance giving the awful play we’ve seen out of those occupying their equivalent positions.

Yup, guilty of reading the headline I am. But it should always be that way, any coach worth his weight doesn’t hand anybody a starting job.