No return trip to Indiana next year?

See this tweet from Matt Zimmerman. Apparently Archie Miller is going tontrst Saturday’s game as the previously agreed upon return trip for the Razorbacks to Indiana.

Play the game next fall! I’d rather see us play them as UT Arlington or Texas State!
Beef up the non conference schedule and get better teams to play!

NOTE to PJ: when you embedded the link to the tweet, you left this at the end of the URL: ?s=21. If you had deleted this, it would have worked just fine.

Think it’s just a joke. Mike Anderson also opened his press conference yesterday morning jokingly saying he hopes Archie Miller treats this as the back end of the home-and-home. I certainly hope that’s the case. I’d love to go to Assembly Hall next season.

Appears Zimmerman is as good of a comedian as he is coach. Which is to say worse than he is a color commentator.

I think it’s pretty obvious that it was sarcasm. We’ll be going to Bloomington twice this year.


We will see. I remember Indiana had a scheduling problem with the return trip next year.