No rain but brutally Hot in Hoover this week

good to see we have great weather for the week but mid 90’s for the high and we play in the hottest part of the day,will be interesting to see how it effects people.

It will be hot in Omaha so I’d say it’s good training.
The wind is blowing out too!

Mid 90’s is awfully hot, but baseball is meant to be played in really warm or hot weather. It’ll be toughest on the pitchers & catchers, but I’m sure our players will stayed well hydrated.

yeah I think we will be ok but it will be by far the hottest weather anybody has played in,wind is really blowing so that should help but may be different tomorrow.

The weather in Omaha fluctuates a lot in June. There are some warm, even hot, days, but there are also a lot of days that are cooler because of the overcast and rain. I’ve covered the College World Series four times and spent about 5-6 weeks total there. The average temperature is low-to-mid 80s, and sometimes without much humidity. For teams that come from the South, it’s sometimes a relief from what they left behind at home.

There was one day last year when I was wearing a pullover most of the day; I think it was 60 degrees when I got in my truck around lunchtime. It felt more like I was heading to a fall football game than a summer baseball game. Overall, last year was pleasant for most of the two weeks we were there. It was also real rainy.

Hoover is almost always hot and humid this time of year. It’s like going to the beach without the sand.

The day I got to Omaha last year it was quite cool. Then it rained. Then the day the pop fly hit the turf it was scorching hot, and I had to stand in line for three hours in the mid-afternoon heat to get into the right field bleachers.

It was cool during some of the Arkansas games last year in Omaha, but the texass game was brutally hot.

I finally had to leave my seat for a time to cool off.