No quit in this team‼

Fighting till the end!

Just wish we would not have had the 6+ minute drought. Missed a few open shots

That foul by Moses was not the kind of fighting I was talking about. Geeze!

Should have hit him harder, and maybe the officials as well.

And slim ball cal

There is no use for that. I know the officiating was pretty one sided but you need to have some class.

You don’t hit shots, you’re not going to beat a good team. Or any other team.

totally agree. dickie v had a freaking cow over a little hard foul

but says nothing about monks throat slash to our bench or the refs bias making tempers flare

total BS. I hope our guys frustration is channeled the right way in ncaa later this week

Very true

Coach B noticed the refs laughing and joking with KY at the end, he tweeted about it

Coach b??

CBB, our football coach

Poor shooting on tired legs! Turnovers and just the talent difference. When we beat Kentucky in the past it has been the same. The difference today we did not make shots.
We won’t see Monk in the Kentucky uniform again. We will hear Dicky V talk trash about our Hogs! We will also talk about bad call by refs. They had more talent and missed shots. That gets you beat. We played today like Vandy did yesterday.
Good year and we over achieved I’m proud of our Hogs! Waiting on the selection show to see if they can send us to Siberia !
We are treated horrible by the committee just like we get treated and talked about by everyone else.

How would you feel if someone did the throat slash to you all day and talked trash and beat on you. Kentucky got by with that with nothing happening.

Got it!

Just saw CBB tweet!!

We wound up shooting 41 percent. Didn’t seem like it was that high. UK slipped to a little under 50% after 60+ in the first half, but free throws made the difference.

I mean, look, we wound up 14-7 in conference play including the tournament. Three wins over NCAA teams in the league, plus beating Mount St. Mary’s which won its automatic bid. Doesn’t look like UTA will join that list of NCAA teams we beat after they got dumped in conference tournament. Same with Houston. And a bunch of wins over NIT level teams, including the two listed above, Bama, OM, etc.

Vital licked on the KY sneakers all game long and the refs might as well been dressed in blue. My admiration for this team grew large today, they didn’t back down like the nice little Arky team everyone expected. We have grown men coming back next year and Cal’s soft team will get killed again in the NCAA’s. This is the start of us against the world attitude we’ve been missing for two decades.

That was a frustrating game for the players and fans. The Hogs can beat teams like Kentucky, but they can’t overcome below par shooting and/or lopsided officiating.

The Hogs are the type of team that could catch fire for a few games. That’s my plan.

Go Hogs!!!