No political posts

This is a reminder that we do not want political posts on our message board. If you want to discuss political topics or social issues, find somewhere else.

I have asked our moderators to be more heavy handed deleting posts that are either overtly political or have political undertones. Stay away from those topics, please.

Those who continue to post with disregard to our board rules will be banned. You can read our board rules here:


I will abide by this but strongly disagree.

We are fans of sports here. Sports is the one injecting politics into its platform. Now we must just ignore it and not talk about it. That’s like trying to ignore an elephant in the room when every time you turn on a football or basketball game you get slapped in the face with social justice / politics.

I think this is what I’m reminded of by this decree.


Well so much for that Waino/Yadi 2020 campaigning I was planning to do on the board. Votan I feel your pain. There is no good way for Clay and the moderators to handle this situation, so I am just going to respect their decision. I’m also going to continue to read and write more and watch very little sports on tv.

Thanks Matt. I appreciate not having to wade through the political mess.


You nailed it! Sports, Media and Corporate America want to have a one way conversation about these topics and if you disagree with them they will censor or cancel you.

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