No point in even discussing this game.

Remember Frank started off like 0-5 his first year.


There’s tons of examples of coaches/teams rising above and eventually becoming successful. I believe that will happen.

I like to think that I’m as optimistic as the next guy, but you guys certainly can’t be seriously optimistic about the fortunes of this team during this season are you?
Most posters on this forum are or have been Razorback fans for most of if not all of their lives and want nothing more but success both on and off the field for our Hogs, but for this season we have to trust our eyes and understand we are at what I hope will be the low point in a program rebuilding process.
There is no magic potion that our coaches and players can take to turn this around quickly, but hopefully we can make strides towards getting better in the future.
Identifying players on this roster that can contribute toward the rebuilding process will be key for this coaching staff and they can hopefully point that out to recruits that want an opportunity to play in the SEC earlier than they would at other Universities.
Recruiting is going to be very challenging while losing, but we don’t really have a choice.
I wish nothing but best wishes to all Razorback players, coaches and fans for their commitment and look forward to a day when we have our program back at a competitive level.

Go Hogs!

I don’t think anyone is optimistic about this season. I suppose we could improve enough to win a couple of more games, but I’m not optimistic. I think any optimism is for the longterm hope for the program. Right now I’m having a hard time even feeling that. However, there are lots of examples of programs getting down & coming back. Lou Holtz went 0-11 his first season at So. Carolina. Nick Saban lost to ULM his first season at Alabama. If I thought we were never going to be better than we are this year, I’d simply try to find something else to get excited about in the fall.

ASU plastered Tulsa tonight. Maybe we can beat Tulsa later in the season when we play. We sure wouldn’t beat ASU the way we are playing now.

JFB started 0-6, then went 4-0 in November 1958. I suspect few of our fans had much optimism in late October that year, either, but we got better, won some games, and the next year tied for the SWC title and won a bowl game. Is that going to happen now? Just have to wait and see.

Are we going to win the SEC next year? Uh… no. We are unlikely to win six games next year much less win a conference championship.

As I suggested to the folks that thought NT stats were “inflated” our fanbase will better off if they recalibrate their expectations. Fans should think of our team like fans of Illinois, Oregon State, etc. think of their teams. To do otherwise will be setting one’s self up for disappointment.

We are not a competitive program - rather we are in complete and utter shambles. Winning is a far off reality - really it does not need to be talked about a lot right now. The conversation needs to be entirely focused on improving all aspects of the program one step at a time. Focus on the process and grind of improving and eventually the patience will pay off.