No partridge or Montgomery

As I expected, due to too many people expecting one of the two. BB never hires who people expect, I personally think if the coach comes from the NFL it will be another coach Anderson type guy. A guy who is an assistant to the position coach.

Hope he makes a good hire, and pretty soon because I’m curious!

You do know that Montgomery is the DL assistant for the Packers?

Yes I know, that’s why I thought he was possible originally, but doubted it because everyone thought so.

“The source” quoted in the article says that Montgomery will stay with the Packers after discussing the job with BB.

Yeah, I read it.

Oh there are several others out there that not many people know about. Y’all better stay tuned. Go Hogs!!! :smiley: :smiley:

Drop some knowledge on us ha ha.

I’d love to hear some names to add to my curiosity. I’m honestly more interested in the secondary coach than the DL, for some reason.

I think the secondary coach needs to be a young energetic players coach. One who the players can get a great vibe and respect for.

I suspect the secondary coach may be a younger guy. We’ll see. We will know soon. Go Hogs!!!

So, going with another secondary coach instead of another LB coach, you sure?

LOL!! I’m sure of nothing. But I do think we aren’t looking for a LB coach. Sometimes, things change rather quickly. We’ll see!

I don’t think they will add another LB coach until you can hire a 10th assistant coach.

I’m not sure why anybody thought we could get Montgomery unless the Packers fired him. The Hogs are only offering a DL Asst coach or a perhaps a co-DC position. 2 years ago Jerry turned down the co-DC job at Oklahoma and headed to the Packers. I figured when he met with CBB, that much of that meeting was discussing the installation process for a 3-4. Then, perhaps asking if he had any suggestions as to who would be a good hire for the installation if (wink wink) Jerry wasn’t interested.

Need some more recruiters on staff. Whomever the hire is they better be able to recruit.

I hope BB hires a solid recruiter and coach. Both Partridge and Montgomery would have been bigtime hires. I just don’t get bringing in an unknown to replace an Segrest.

We have 2 vacant positions and possibly a 3rd with the 10th new coach. I still expect him to hire an experienced coach in the 3-4 system in some capacity, a DB coach for either the safeties or corners who’s a great recruiter. I think Paul will keep the other with his DC position. I could be wrong, but I don’t think he’s had a DC who also coaches the entire defensive backfield. Hopefully, he can then still hire a new 10th assistant who is a great recruiter and a special team wizard.

It’s possible Rhoads may continue to coach the DBs as well as being DC. I wouldn’t completely rule that out, depending on how interviews go.

I agree that BB tends to come out of left field with his hires so I’m not ready to make any predictions on who we get.