No one has ever won the introductory presser like Mike Neighbors just did

I’m headed to cover baseball, but went on-line to watch Mike Neighbors being introduced as the new Arkansas women’s head basketball coach. I don’t guess I’ve ever seen anything quite like it. He did his best not to cry and didn’t in the early portion. Whether or not he did after meeting with the media, I’m not sure. But he was plain awesome.

Sure didn’t back away from the Hog call as some. Ha! But his love for the state, the university and the program was obvious. It should excite the fan base.

Mike Neighbors Introductory Press Conference

Wow. I’ve never seen anyone so sincerely excited to be back home. That guy has to be a knockout recruiter. When he started reliving all those BIG Hog moments I almost got a tear in my eye. And his mom and aunt was there…and he talked about sweet tea.

I’m all in. Welcome home Mike. Welcome home!

They had him on the baseball broadcast during the rain delay last night.
the guy sure knows his baseball movie trivia as well.

What I love, though, was when he talked about how he was interviewed by the Seattle paper after taking the Washington job. They asked him if it was his dream come true. He said, “No, I was totally honest with them. I told them Arkansas was and always would be my dream job”. ( I took some liberty with the quotes, but got the gist of it). He took some heat for it, but said he was always taught to be honest in what he said.