No one asked me, but I don't like Closing or Locking a Topic

I’m alluding to the locked SJS Topic.

I think it’s still a very germane topic as that loss might cost the Hogs dearly in December. Mostly, I don’t understand that game, it was a total collapse by the offense, defense and coaches. I’m still stunned that we made them look like a Saban team.

Anyway, my point here is that I think our moderators should just delete the offending posts, rather than prohibiting further comments, which just might have value to the readers.

My apologies daboar, it was my fault

Just for the record, I didn’t lock it, but I am sure my response to your assertion likely pushed it toward it being done.

Dudley and baked are both correct.

BTW, feel free to start another thread about the ORIGINAL topic.