No official visits for

football this weekend.

Only expecting unofficial visits for hoops.

Can you say who, yet?

RD, have always heard we’re high on Garrett Hayes’ list, but I haven’t heard anything on him in a while. Are we expecting to have him for an official during the season? Don’t know how many OL we’ll take, but I’d certainly be happy with Crawford, Hayes, and Ward!

At least one in-state kid but the family doesn’t want it out yet.

Thank you

Garrett Hayes made his OV to Arkansas, May 3-5.

He officially visited in the spring. He’s stated he hopes to visit for a game.

They’ll take 1-2 in addition to Crawford. Ward is taking his OV for the Auburn game.

Do you think Brady Ward could commit to Arkansas on his OV?

Ga has fill their quota on O-lineman in this class.
Oklahoma is close to being full of OL.

I think that’s a very good possibility.

What’s the latest, RD? Still expecting other hoops visitors besides Powell?

No, he’s the onkl one. The in-state kid I referred to earlier in the week is likely to come next weekend.