No Muss, no fuss

I think Muss is doing a fantastic job. Kentucky is young (again!)and look how they are doing. And out my way, UNC is young, but not nearly as young as us, and they are struggling. And Dook (young again!) is struggling too, and I am almost as upset about that as I am about Kentucky (sarcrasm alert) It is tough enough coaching a veteran team. But getting freshmen and transfers to gel, that’s tough. Yes, there will be bumps in the road like the Missouri game, but I am really impressed. As I was last year–no depth, no rebounding, no Joe for a while, and despite that, we did pretty darn good (thank you, Mason Jones, his teammates, and gritty defense, not to mention one terrific holdover with one terrific Razorback red streak in his hair).

A good coaching staff should be valued and enjoyed. We have seen too much of the other in both major men’s sports at UA recent history. Getting various groups to play for one purpose and one another is hard. That is one reason I respect coaches who have yearly turnover at high levels and keep on producing. It does not happen by accident.

I think the complaints about Muss are typical for fans. We get to nitpick. But I think most of those nitpicking will tell you that they think Muss is a keeper.

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While not disregarding what the players contributed to the second half outburst, but it looked like halftime produced either some actual adjustments or some attitude adjustment, because what tenacity and put them away issues we had in the first half were corrected.

Speaking of no Muss, no fuss, Danyelle let him out of the pool house last night, mainly because he took her out to dinner :slight_smile:

I don’t know if you meant to say we have more newcomers than UNC, but we are definitely not young.

We have three seniors, a redshirt junior, two juniors, a redshirt sophomore and four freshmen. I think we have one of the older rosters in the SEC,

PJ we are like my Sunday stew. 3 or 4 fresh veggies and a bunch of leftover, well seasoned stuff I pull out of the fridge. They all get thrown together in the crock pot. It takes awhile for it all to come together. After an hour or two in the crock it’s not very good. Give it time though, and it will be hearty and delicious!

I don’t need to give it time. I already like what Muss has stewed together. This team of 9 newcomers was playing like a team right from the get go.

Muss has done a fantastic job. Next week’s road trips will be tough, but we will be competitive and could easily win one or even both games. This team will be dangerous by tournament time.

I meant we have more newcomers than UNC. Also UNC has several players with considerable experience playing for UNC, one of whom was the preseason pick for ACC player of the year.

I thought that is what you meant. Agree with your conclusions

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