No more UAF

It will be University of Arkansas going forward.

Victory for those who held that as a big deal.

Congrats to those that led the charge.

That’s a good move and I do appreciate it. I’m not one to complain to anybody about much of anything. I usually move on and avoid confrontations of all kinds. But I did write an email complaining about the UAF thing. It really rubbed me the wrong way because I think it’s just wrong. So here’s to a small victory.

Since the Arkansas Democrat Gazette is shrinking, they should change their name to Little Rock Democrat Gazette.

Thank goodness!!!

I think it’s a very big deal. I had pretty much decided to not renew when subscription ran out… and the annoyance created by the “UAF” stuff got that ball rolling.

Will this apply to this website and the newspaper?

PS - I know that nobody associated with this board had anything to do with this incredibly stupid attempt to “reprogram” the Arkies. The person who did should be flogged… unless it was Walt himself - in which case, his punishment will be (and probably has been) financial.

It applies to the newspaper. Never did apply to this website. Dudley and Clay never used UAF. Richard, who writes for publication in the paper, did have to use it.

I can’t get down with that.

Just as UAF was wrong, so would the LRDG.

While actual newspaper in hand circulation is down nationwide, newspapers in hand and online content remain vital to many.

While media may be under attack by the POTUS who lumps every one into a big pot, our profession remains an integral part of the daily fabric of our nation.

Yesss, now I can return!

we’ve complained about this forever, but I really think that when you provided Kim’s email, a LOT of us sent her emails, and this seems to coincide with the end of this pitiful and insulting behavior!

Most of us on this site are nice people who love the Hogs, and I think most of our emails were very appropriate, focusing on the policy’s intrinsic pejorative nature, confusing nomenclature, etc. and it seems to have worked!



But this has zero to do with the POTUS, but thanks for somehow slinging more mud on our Commander-in-Chief. I respect the position of the POTUS & stayed neutral as possible during my 25 years of military service. Even during the terms of two of the least respected CIC’s the military has ever served under!

Glad UAF is history!!! No more UAF in these articles!!!

You should leave that alone Dudley - BTW, when has POTUS gotten a break from anyone in the media. Especially those same media kissing our last POTUS’s as_ for 8 years.

Only time it showed up on the site was when the story or column appeared in the paper. You won’t see UAF again as far as I know.

Great to see the outfit that was stupid enough to embrace that farce come to their
And Dudley, be careful with the words you choose.

In the very thread where we finally celebrate getting this whole “UAF” thing behind us, a moderator hijacks it with his politics… for no good reason. Nice! Can I talk about my politics too?

<Moderator hat on>
[size=150]Keep politics out of it![/size]
<Moderator hat off>

Wish we would’ve done it sooner.

Well, people did ask who to contact shortly after it all began. There had been no consensus until you posted the email address.

Thanks for making this happen.