No more UAF

Ah, Richard… It is nice of you to try and be so humble through all this mess. Regardless, this issue kept coming back to anger so many of us. You kept the face and offered up potential solutions with all at the time not being successful, but you cared and kept trying. Finally you found someone that would give us a reasonable hearing and push the pile to whomerver is the correct decision maker(s). As every reasonable Hog supporter believed, once the issue was in the right hands it would be weighed and the just and correct decisions would be made. And, they were!

Richard, just take your well deserved bow as we thank you once again for all that you continue to do for Hog fans everywhere. You got it done and we are very happy! Pass on our best regards to your helper that turned out to be the inside help that so many of us had sought for so long. :slight_smile:

Not buying the explanation but certainly glad it’s over. Appreciate Richard’s williningness and ability to help get the message thru.

It is a Little Rock paper, owned by a Little Rock resident, and he appeased some UA-Little Rock supporters by suddenly insisting The University of Arkansas has to be called UA-Fayetteville if UALR has to be called UA-Little Rock. That backfired, created lots of resentment, and the bottom line is Little Rock is part of UALR’s official name and Fayetteville is not part of The University of Arkansas’ official name. When they did not want to admit the real reason, the claim “they were only using the official name” was proven to be a lie and they backed down. Case closed. Move on. Go Hogs. :sunglasses:

The LR resident allows his management to run things. Not 100% on this, but I don’t think he was involved in the UAF stuff.

Sure he will step in at times, but I think he has confidence in the people he’s hired to do a good job.

I doubt Boo Hussman (which is how he’s known in Camden where the Hussmans got their start) had any role in this. But I do think his management tried to appease the UALR folks and it backfired.

Right. Walter could care less.

The ADG is a business. Someone finally realized you don’t run a business by upsetting your customers.

Part of the problem with media in general is that a lot of the folks think they are better than their customers and customers be damned. Keep that up and you go to the unemployment line as have many of them.

When one of my customers call, I listen and act. They are the boss.

THANKFULLY it is OVER!!! Well done everyone that voiced a serious concern on it!

Thanks, Richard for your part in getting the policy changed.

The hero in all of this is Kim Christ. I am not going into the detail, but she solved it and deserves the credit. There were many who provided critical input in the process behind the scenes. But Kim got it fixed.


Yes, he will always be Boo to us Camden natives.

She sent me a very nice response to my email. I don’t know what her position is at the ADG, but she didn’t just respond with a boilerplate company line. I got the impression she’d look into it. Glad she did.

There were a lot of people at the ADG wanting it changed. A lot.

Mr. Hussman also ownes the local newspaper here in Chattanooga (Chattanooga Times Free Press). It is nowhere as good a newspaper as the ADG except it does not have -ally -all pontificating in it.

Also a shout out to Petunia Pig for the well thought out response to Ms. Christ. Her argument was spot on.

Thanks, LD. I just pointed out a couple of facts. She responded to my email and said she would pass along the info I gave her to the appropriate people. I guess she did.

I just found out about this a couple days ago. I re-joined today. I dropped my membership (after about 20 years with HI) shortly after the ADG started this crap. I tried to ignore the UAF stuff, but it eventually just incited me so that I didn’t want to read any of the articles. I decided I just could not pay the ADG to stay on a Razorback web-site they owned so long as they were continuing the “belittling” of the UA.

Many times, I thought to myself, “you dummy, you’re just cutting off your nose to spite your face”. But, then I’d realize, I just could not give the ADG my $99. Anyway, I’m glad the ADG finally “saw the light” and I get to return to the best Razorback sports site on the internet. And, I’m going to take a little solace in the fact that by withholding my annual fee, I might have played a tiny little part in their reconsidering their crazy stance toward the University of Arkansas.

Good on you, Harley. I’m just thinking I very well may re-subscribe now, too.

Yea Larry!! Welcome back!!