No more UAF

It will be University of Arkansas going forward.

We won!

Will we have to wait for one of you to leave the employment with the Demozette to find out why this started and why they finally caved?

You must have missed the previous explanations and the email responses that were sent back to those who emailed the ADG. :smiley:

It seems as if it was a decision made because the University of Arkansas-Little Rock wanted to be known as Little Rock in the paper. ADG said that’s not the official name of the school so you will go by UALR or the aforementioned University of Arkansas-Little Rock.

At that point, it seems the UALR folks countered with Arkansas should be University of Arkansas, Fayetteville then.

And that’s what happened.

Enough people have pointed out it officially is the University of Arkansas.

So it goes away.

They never really gave the ones of us just working online any reasons and we never did that anyway.

Thank you. I will now renew my subscription. I really missed my cartoons and the jumble.

They are still keeping the school in Fayetteville, right? :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


I was way over it anyways, except for all the continuous complaints.
As long as they are keeping the school in Fayetteville :sunglasses:

I always thought that was to root of this thing. Glad it is over and done.


Thanks, Richard for providing an email to someone who could address the problem. No one seemed to know who to send complaints to before your post.

I imagine you-Richard-breathed a sigh of relief. Not being responsible but yet having to
field the questions had to distract you. Thanks for all the news and good you do.

Glad it all worked out.

My thanks to Richard, and to all who emailed the lady. And kudos to her for actually doing something (communicating up line) rather than just being a heat shield.

I had cancelled my subscription, but the site was still letting me in. I just renewed. Seems like a good compromise, get rid of the UAF junk, but we still have to dodge Wally articles.

:lol: Good un PJ!

Richard Davenport for Guvnuh. The man can get things done!

This whole incident underscores the passion people have for UofA representing All of Arkansas and her people not just a region

It again underscores why the resistance to playing ASU

The Razorbacks and the University is the Face and Ambassadors of the Personhood of Arkansas

Hope you told them why you renewed. Appreciate you doing so.

Was happy to read the paper this morning & not see the “, Fayetteville” after the UA.

Of course, one does wonder how all those on-line ADG readers in Albania will no longer be confused at the omission. After all, that was Wally’s explanation of the policy. :smiley:

I add my thanks also–to the lady and to Richard for his understanding in this issue.

You guys are why were here. Whether I agree or disagree with your complaints, you deserve to be heard. In this case, I’m glad things turned out the way they did.