No more Sports Talk with Bo

… after February 28.

Sooooooooooooo, Who’s next to produce an on-air sports talk program that fills the 2-6 pm slot?

We out-of-state peeps may want to know :?:

It’s a difficult task to do right. Requires a large team and lots of hours. I look forward to working with Bo on podcasts.

best Hog radio show in the state, by a mile.


My best friend was in radio for over 40 years. After his on air days he programmed Country Music stations for a large radio station chain. What Clay just described is what it takes to do radio right (according to my friend). And in many, many cases those resources are not sustainable for programs to be profitable.

I know nothing about Bo’s situation but I assume that is the bottom line.

Putting the business side aside, sports radio in Arkansas is tough because all anyone will really let you talk about is the Razorbacks. It is hard to fill 10 or 15 or 20 hours a week when the focus is one team. I’ve hosted Bo’s show several times and I always come away with the feeling that it would be difficult to do that every day. He did it for 11 1/2 years.

I live in LR & couldn’t get any station that carried his show–at least not with a good enough reception to make it worth the effort to try. So, in that sense, I won’t miss the show. However, I hate that it’s going away. The only sports show in LR in that time slot is Randy Rainwater’s show & it is really weak. Rick Schaeffer brings a lot of Razorback knowledge, so I usually like hearing him. The show is better when Rainwater is away.

The best radio show in my memory (and I go back to Jim Elder on KARN) was Chuck Barrett’s.

I understand Matt’s point that it must be hard to talk exclusively about the Razorbacks, especially when the teams suck, but I see no reason a sports show in this state can’t be predominantly about the Razorbacks & still cover other timely topics. Right now the Super Bowl would be a natural topic.

I enjoyed Bo’s show and some of his regulars that would call in like Eddie from Clarksville & a few others.
Like Matt said, you had to wonder how he could have endless daily Razorback topics, but he always had something to discuss and generally always interesting.

It’s on 920 a m in Little Rock. Never have listened to a podcast. If it’s not Razorback related, if I can figure out how to access a podcast, I won’t listen. Sure is nice to hear clay on football and baseball and Dudley on basketball and recruiting. No other sports talk show come close to the inside workings of Razorback sports. Will be missed. 103.7 other than the trey biddy tidbit is horrible.

Glad we have this board for Razorback news, that might be all we have for insider insights in the near future.

Bo’s show is profitable but TV is MORE profitable.

I did radio with Chuck for almost 12 years. That was fun. Then almost 12 with Bo. Fun as well. I would like to do something with Bo going forward and he says we will. But I don’t need to be doing so much. He says I’m locked up in a lifetime contract but that’s not true. I don’t believe a contract is needed in this case.

Both shows were outstanding but different.

You must have great confidence in the man across from you to do live radio. I did.

There are some days that it can be lots of fun to be in there. Sawyer and Bart are a big part of what Bo does and I enjoy their work. Both grind hard to be ready for the show each day. Bo does, too. But he wears many hats. He must supervise the ad sales staff.

Most don’t understand that as publisher, I’ve supervised advertising sales for almost 27 years. That may be as important as content for the magazine (or the radio show). Content is king, but sales is god. That’s the old saying. Bo has a content company, but he has also been heavily involved in the sales portion. Can’t neglect one for the other, but that happens sometimes.

I think most consider that I’m a sports writer by trade. To be honest, I wouldn’t have made it this long with Hawgs Illustrated magazine if that’s what I’d been. I was a publisher in the truest sense for most of these 27 years. I had to watch the business end like a hawk. Over the last six months, I’ve given up some of that and it’s allowed me to dive in deeper in my writing, what I love to do.

I write some of this to point to what Bo does on a daily basis in regards to the business side as highly important. He ran his own company, not just doing radio. And, he does it well. So here is a tip of a hat from someone who understands exactly how he did it in a broad sense and also to pay close attention to a growing family. I did the same thing. It’s an incredible juggling act and Bo is doing that part as good as you can imagine.

I have now done radio with Mike Nail, Grant Hall, Chuck Barrett and Bo.

All different guys. All enjoyable.

If I ever knew he was on KARN, I guess I forgot it. Haven’t listened to it in years. I tend to listen to the radio only when I’m in my car, anyway. I’d only hear it between 5:00 & 6:00 unless I was on the road. Now that I know there’s only a month left, I’ll make a point to tune in. What’s the time slot?

Don’t recall ever having heard Grant Hall, but I always liked the others. Enjoyed your contribution, too, Duds. Same with Clay.

i think 2 to 6. the last hour i think is a replay of an earlier hour. i only listen in my car also, when i leave work it is the only sports talk show i listen to. occasionally i will go to 103.7 but only to try and catch trey biddy, the rest of that show is pitiful.

only a month left of bo, so guess it will be music unless another razorback talk show is available.

since Ruscin is back doing podcasts,(don’t know what happened to the job he left for) I’m guessing it will be him.

Trying to manuver into the spot.

I’ve had conversations with a few.

There’s plenty of advertising money to be made there, just not as much as TV

You guys and OH have made my up to date Razorback just icing on the cake. And that kid named Clay. A tip of the hat to everyone of you guys. WHY do I find it so amazing is because u all have been given a gift. I have told many people I can build a 3500 sq ft home in just about the same time as writing a 5 page essay. As as , tremors just kill me to type even this amount. Neck kicking in with pain. BUT we all have issues. One thing I don’t like is the

From Bo ----Bo ya ya I get that and clunk, NEXT Only do it the quirky shorty’s way or nothing.

Passed up replying with the Wizzards replies such as "Well you know this was discussed "here is the link"6 days ago…

And then swine is that and more.

Have I quit the board? NO but nothing to really talk about . JUST IMO now.

Drones, You Tube videos, Pod cast. @ producers coming over for HIGH level advice will be here next week.

I would help u free. And this project of mine is 4 years in the works.

I tried to e-mail you. Clay has my number