No more Houston area DB's named Willie please

First we signed the mercurial Willie Hordge. Willie could run down everything but a qualifying ACT score and never played a down for the Hogs. Now Willie Sykes is gone after barely having time to learn the lay of the campus. For all the good that did, we might as well have signed Wanda Sykes.

What a bummer he looked good in the red white game this spring.

So, what happened to Willie? I don’t see anything else mentioning him leaving the team.

Hawkins, Sykes Transferring

Supposedly Willie needs to be close to home for personal reasons and he has done nothing wrong per CBB.

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Some updates in that story. Appears Sykes is headed to Independence Community College in Kansas. Not exactly close to home like Bielema insinuated yesterday. He looked good in the spring and obviously they need all the able bodies they can get in the secondary, so this is an interesting move.

Hawkins will likely wind up at SMU. Good fit for him.

Willie go round in circles.

HA! Willie fly high like a bird up in the sky. Billy Preston might’ve been the best un.

I think loosing sykes will sting a lil bit, because the kid had a pretty good skill set, and Hawkins needs to drop down a level, I think that would be his best shot as putting up good numbers and getting a chance at the next level.

Sounds like Sykes issue was grades maybe.
Hawkins had drop issues period, I believe.